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What Is The Difference Between Office And Stationery Supplies

The bulk of office work is paper work. Paper is needed for reports, documentation, product presentations and for external and internal communications. To go with it, printer ink and/or writing implements are need. Notepads and post-it notes are also handy for busy offices. Without these office supplies what can workers show for proof of productivity?

Stationery supplies are not limited to your usual paper and paper clips, add office furniture, digital and electronic items to complete the picture and you get it right!

Every day consumables:
Other items such as indexes, binders, file envelops, paper clips, and highlighters are everyday supplies that need frequent replacement, however these are easy on the pocket. If you add a steady supply of free coffee for your workers, add that to the budget too and consider it as office consumable supplies!

The volume of these consumables will vary and depend on special projects and your business. As an astute keeper of the purse, it is efficient to know how much is needed for the entire year so each office unit can have sufficient budget for annual supplies to include special projects and you can have an idea how much you can save if you purchase the items in bulk.

Technology supplies:
No office can do without the latest machines or gadgets. For an inter-office computer-network, cables, hubs, switches and connectors have to be purchased. Other coveted items are digital cameras, scanners, projectors and multimedia players that enhance product displays for reporting, training activities and product introduction.

Other must-haves for an efficient office are copiers, mobile technology, wireless networking, power and backup systems. These days, offices are adding GPS into their cache of office supplies to track delivery. As a whole host of new machines suited for the upbeat office may be required as technology improves and innovates. These items are considered as capital outlay and a separate budget is required for corporate environments, however, since these are not replenished frequently, they are not constituted as consumables.

Office furniture:
Workers need a good working environment. With all the supplies they need to do their work, they have to be supplied with comfortable working tables, desks and chairs. Office furniture in various designs and styles are widely available from online office suppliers.

Business owners who have been in the business for many years may prefer wooden furniture, desks, book shelves or stands, work table and conference table which are preferably customised for their needs to portray their corporate image effectively. Lessons can be learnt from the well established businesses as they have realised the importance of having office furniture which looks professional.

Where to Shop:
Shopping online gives you more options in choices. With a long list of online suppliers you are bound to find one offering the best deals for bulk orders of stationery supplies. Online shopping is also convenient as there are often generous discounts available for customers which can save business of any size a surprising amount of money each year.