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What Is Interior Design Really

Are you constantly amazed by the stunning interior design jobs of
popular designers? Do you wish that you could achieve the same effect
in your own home but you’re at a loss for what you can do to make your
house look like something out of a magazine? What is interior design at
its core and how should you think about interior decorating when it
comes time to get rid of the old and start thinking about redoing the
inside of your home?

Interior design is all about creating a
feeling or mood using colors and textures in the form of materials that
you might find in a house such as furniture, appliance, lighting, the
paint on the walls and the floor covering under your feet. If interior
design wasn’t important you would be walking around on plywood floors
and putting your clothes in cardboard boxes. But interior design is
important to you. Even the most uncaring person on the face of the
planet wants a somewhat pleasant surrounding to spend his or her spare
time in, thus we have interior design.

One important element that
we often forget about when it comes to interior design is that the
inside of your home should reflect who you are and what is pleasant to
you. Your home furnishings and the colors that you choose to surround
yourself with should be pleasant for you and your family. They should
say something about your taste, perhaps where you are from in the world
as well as the image that you might want to project to visitors that
come to spend time in your home. You could hire the most expensive
interior designer in the world to plan and execute a complete makeover
of your home but if there isn’t input from you, what you like and what
makes you feel calm and happy then you very well might not be happy with
the outcome.

For instance, let’s say you allow someone else to
decorate your home. Perhaps this designer is into modern furniture and
design. They fill your home with modern furniture and the color scheme
is black and white. But you grew up in the country and you love that
style of furniture and home decor. You would be shocked to walk into
your home and find yourself surrounded by glass tables and a minimalist
design with stark white walls and abstract art on the walls. This is why
you should dig deep to discover what you like and why. What kind of
mood are you trying to create and what message are you trying to tell
about yourself?

The design of each room should actually be taken into
consideration when thinking about remodeling or decorating. While it’s
nice to have a general theme or style throughout your house, each room
has a different function and mood and thoughts about that mood should be
unique for each room. For instance, the colors or even accent colors
that you would use for a formal dining room might be completely
different than a bedroom. The lighting scheme and general ambiance for a
living room where you entertain guests would be different than a den or
study where things might be more informal. You might even want to mix
and match styles in different rooms that are more private to give
yourself a bit of variety in your life.

The choices are endless
and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Interior
design is all about who you are and what makes you feel comfortable and
peaceful. Get in tune with what colors, textures and styles bring out
the emotions that you wish to experience in the different rooms in your
house. Understand and feel those emotions when you look at photos of
different homes that you like and discover how you can transfer those
emotions or moods into your own interior design and you’ll be well on
your way to creating the home that brings you comfort and relaxation as
it was intended.