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Tips in Decorating Small Spaces with Modern Furniture

Not everyone has a big home or large apartment. In the current economic crunch, it’s crucial to tighten our belts and downsize. Some even prefer to bunk or share the rent together. But if you prefer a smaller, more personal space than sharing a large one with a stranger, the first thing to consider is the furniture. Small spaces can be difficult to decorate because, well, they’re limiting. Fortunately, there are several ways for you to incorporate modern furniture in an undersized room and still maintain traffic.

Create a floor plan

The first step is to map out a floor plan for your space. Before buying modern furniture, you must determine where to place each furnishing. Since your decorating a small space, try not to arrange the furniture pieces helter-skelter. You should include several considerations, including, most importantly, the traffic. People should still be able to move in the area even after placing furniture pieces in it.

The best way to know what types of modern furniture pieces you need is to do some prior research. There are several interior design techniques that can effectively make your room larger.

Remove unnecessary objects and de-clutter

Before you even buy furniture and to allow you to create an effective floor plan, remove things that aren’t necessary in the room and de-clutter. Objects that take up space and little knickknacks, trinkets and tchotchke should be placed in cabinets, if possible. One of the best ways to do this is to install a hidden storage in the wall or place wall-mounted shelves. But before you do, be sure to ask your landlord first.

Consider monochromatic pieces

Colorful pieces can easily create a room smaller. To avoid this, choose several furnishings available in a variety of shades from a single color. Monochromatic scheme is tremendously effective in making the room larger. From the texture to the finish of the furniture, make sure you choose colors within the same family. Coordinate the colors and try not to deviate.

Mix small and big pieces

Even though small spaces are limiting, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to smaller pieces. You can still place a few large pieces and mix them with small ones. One suggestion when choosing larger pieces is to opt for multi-purpose furnishings. Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to find modern furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, drawers and credenzas are great as television stand or storage areas. These are large pieces that will look extremely well in any small space.

Mark Michael Ferrer
Modern Furniture