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Tips for decorating your new bar

The bar area is the focal point of any pub. It is usually the first thing that customers see as they walk through the front door, and it is often the place where many visitors spend most of their time.

For this reason, decorating your bar in an eye-catching yet tasteful way is crucial to creating the right atmosphere and making your visitors feel comfortable.

In most pubs, the bar is the part of the building that encapsulates the establishment’s character. When you start decorating your bar, you should always keep the pub’s overall theme or style at the front of your mind and use this as inspiration.

For example, if you have a traditional, country pub, your bar should feature vintage keepsakes and memorabilia, such as old pewter tankards, classic photos and other rustic items. Likewise, if your pub has a specific theme (e.g. Irish or sports), the bar should always reflect that theme.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any bar is the seating, and just like the rest of the bar’s decor, this should reflect the overall theme running through the rest of the pub.

If your pub’s dining area uses leather dining chairs, make sure you keep the continuity going and use leather bar stools. Not only does this give your bar a classic, stylish feel, but it also shows customers that you put a lot of thought into your pub’s design.

Customers like to see a well-stocked bar when they first walk into a pub, so always ensure that your range of drinks and bar snacks are proudly displayed. The right shelves can transform a bar’s appearance and can turn it into a real eye-catching feature.

Again, the style of the shelves should match the rest of the pub’s character, but glass-lighted shelves are a classic choice and can perfectly complement both traditional and modern design styles.

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