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The Royal Grandeur Of Opulence & Art-work In Rajasthani Couture

The majestic land of royal Rajasthan is an opulent potpourri of worlds finest cotton fabrics, demanded by national and international fashion designers and garment companies. Century-old skills continue to produce some of the most artistic and exciting Rajasthani cottons that constitute the couture of not only India connoisseurs but are popular world over for vibrant hues and finesse.

The striking colors are an integral part of Rajasthani culture that is spread across its bustling street bazaars, cultural fairs and festivals. Rajasthani costumes, traditional paintings and exquisite murals carry these beautiful hues woven through them. Whether it is multi-coloured tie and dye printing (also known as bandini in local language), the finest block printing, the most elegant Kota cotton, Bagru prints or the most fascinating embroidery on garments, the people or Rajasthan have perfected the art of printing using master skills and eco-friendly colors.

They use environment friendly vegetable dyes and mineral colors to craft these exquisite shades in a wide range of cotton fabrics. Spread across dress material, furnishing, turbans, ghagra-choli (Indian form of long skirt and top) and sarees, the design pool of Rajasthani cotton is extremely rich and vibrant.

A royal trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without a detailed voyage into its couture culture. Tourists coming to Rajasthan make it a point to buy of the most beautiful Rajasthani fabrics, which are going to make their memory always colorful and bright.

The Astounding Mirror Work

The Rajasthani textiles, coming in a wide range of fascinating dyes and block-printed fabric and dress material are further embellished with mirror and embroidery work to take the visual extravaganza to greater heights. Rajasthani women have mastered the art of embroidering fabrics.

An appliqu (also used as traditional wall paintings) is crafted using different pieces of cloth patched together to make a multi-color mosaic. An exotic collection of different shapes and patterns combinations are crafted against contrasting background to create an eye-catching impact. Inherited mainly from the neighboring state Gujarat, the mirror work is famous amongst Indian women across all walks of life.

The Artistic Supremacy of Tie & Dye

Locally known as Bandini work, the heart-warming Bandini patterns are created by applying age old artistry that is the supremacy of Rajasthan. It involves an extremely skilled process of tying the fabric with fine thread that it creates beautiful patterns on the fabric. The tied fabric is then dyed into eco-friendly vegetable dyes to bring out the most vibrating hues on cotton fabrics. Tie and dye is practiced on a wide range of fabrics to create couture and home furnishing materials.

The Majesty of Block Printing

Hand blocks printing include artisans soaking the delicately carved wooden blocks in the mixture of vegetable colors and then sJtamping it on the fabric to create magical wonder on the piece of cloth.

For your next trip to Rajasthan, make sure that you explore the delicate artistry of creating prints and designs on a piece of cloth.