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The Jora Composter

The Jora JK270 and JK125 Composters were designed in Sweden in response to tough recycling regulations and has been used successfully by households and commercial sites. The Jora JK270 and JK125 Composter’s proven technology is helping households reduce the burden of waste on landfill sites and trash collection, at the same time turning kitchen waste into nutritious compost ready for use in the garden or on the lawn in just a few weeks. The Jora JK270 and JK125 Composters are insulated to allow uninterrupted year long composting.
Composting has never been easier with this rotating, heat-generating, insulated composter. The Jora JK270 and JK125s Composters are convenient and simple to use year round. You’ll enjoy seeing the transformation of your kitchen waste into nutritious compost; compost you can use to fertilize lawns, potted plants, vegetable gardens and flower beds. The high quality Jora JK270 and JK125 home composting units are manufactured to the highest standards in Sweden.
With a Jora JK270 or JK125 Composter, you don’t have to be a gardener to be able to produce your own nutritious compost. The Jora JK270 and JK125 Composters let you make perfect compost from your kitchen waste hygienically and quickly.

How the Jora JK270 and JK125 Composters work…

Rotation –
Regular mixing is necessary for successful composting for two reasons:
Fresh waste is brought into direct contact with decaying waste, increasing the efficiency of the process.
Air is allowed into the mixture, providing the oxygen vital for composting.
The Jora JK270 and JK125 Composters are constructed for ease of rotation and simply turned by hand whenever waste is put in.

Insulation –
The composting process generates heat: The different micro-organisms start working at different temperatures. The insulation in the Jora Composters allow temperatures to rise higher than 160oF (70oC), resulting in quick and efficient composting of organic kitchen waste. At these temperatures, the process is so rapid that fresh waste starts to break down before it has a chance to rot and attract vermin and flies. Because of its integral insulation, the Jora Composters continue working through winter, long after other composters have stopped completely. Remember, the Jora JK270 and JK125 were designed in Sweden to work in cold climates.

Dual Insulated Compartments –
The Jora JK270 and JK125 Composters are divided into two insulated compartments. One is filled while the compost in the other matures. Once the compartment being filled can take no more, the mature compost is emptied from the other compartment, and the cycle begins again.

Rodent Proof –
The Jora JK270 and JK125 Composters are sited off the ground so there is no possibility of rodents or other pests gaining access to waste.

What can be composted? –
The Jora Composters will accept all organic waste generated by a regular household:
raw and cooked food scraps – vegetable, meat or fish
cardboard, e.g. egg trays
garden waste (except hard, woody stems and branches)
Anything biodegradable – even pet waste, e.g. your rabbit or hamster bedding.
In addition to the waste, which has a high nitrogen content, a source of carbon must be added to the Jora Composters to provide an energy source for the microorganisms. This is done by adding sawdust or wood pellets (which are simply compressed sawdust) when adding the waste. Add wood pellets in the ratio of 10:1 (waste to pellets) by volume. Add sawdust in the ratio of 3:1 waste to sawdust. The sawdust/wood pellets also absorb moisture, keeping the mixture relatively dry. Wood shavings are not as successful as they do not absorb moisture as well as sawdust or pellets. Coir (coconut fibre) can also be used, as can dry, chopped straw. This prescribed composting method has been tried and proven with the Jora Composter and works quite well in creating a rich, higher quality compost.

*Note to cat owners: Wood pellets are also available as cat litter, so this is an excellent environmentally-friendly way of disposing of your cat waste!

It will take about 6 to 8 weeks for the Jora to begin making rich, beautiful, nutritious compost. Once both chambers are filled, you will have fresh compost nearly every 3 to 4 weeks.
The Jora Composter is available in 2 sizes, the Jora JK270 Composter for households of 4-12 persons with a capacity of 63 pints or 34 lb per week, and the smaller version Jora JK125 Composter for households of 1-4 persons with a capacity of 25 pints or 14 lb per week. Both units feature 2 insulated compartments and are self standing. The Jora JK125 Composter can be mounted to the wall. (brackets included) The Jora JK270 Composter is too heavy for wall mounting.
Note: The Jora JK270and JK125 Composters are shipped flat. Some Assembly is required.
The Jora Composters are by far the best composters on the market. They work as well in North Dakota as they do in Georgia, every day, year round.