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Sky King

The Flight Of The Sky King

There are many popular brands of jackets available in the market today, and one of the most popular, according to many fashion experts, is Avirex. So what made the brand of jackets popular in the market?

A Brief Look at the Sky King
Avirex is known today as a brand of popular collection of urban clothing lines, from tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies, to pants, shorts, as well as kids wear. However, before the brand was known as one of the best providers of urban clothing lines, the label was first known as one of the key suppliers of flight jackets of the US Armed Force.

A Combat Jacket
Avirex, which means Sky King, was founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975 as a means to keep the production of World War II style flight jackets in the US Armed Force, as it was beginning to fade in military apparel due to the lack of suitable suppliers.

Eventually, Avirex became the main supplier of jackets worn by every branch of the US Armed Force, from the US Airforce, to the Military, the Marines, the US Navy, and the US Coast Guard. Part of the reason why the US government chose Avirex as their main supplier of jackets is because of its Authentic American Look collection of jackets.

Into the Limelight
What made the Avirex a popular brand of jackets in the market is when it was featured in a number of popular movies in the US. Popular examples of movies that featured the brand include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Terminator, as well as Top Gun in which Tom Cruise was seen wearing these jackets. Start your own wholesale avirex clothing business through

Because of the popularity of those movies, many of its merchandize became popular and in-demand in the market, which included the unique jackets worn by the protagonists of these movies, which were Avirex branded jackets.

Eventually, Jeff decided to open his brand to the market, allowing people to get the chance to wear the same type of military apparel that the US Armed Force had worn, or the same types of military jackets worn in many popular movies, such as those mentioned above.

Jeff opened his flagship store named The Cockpit in Manhattans posh SoHo neighborhood. True to its inspirations, The Cockpits interior bears a resemblance to a large American aircraft carrier. It has a 1944 AT6 Texan as its centerpiece, and other authentic aviation artifacts for its furnishings. Because of its aviation feel, The Cockpit remains to be one of the most unique boutiques in the world. Start your own wholesale avirex clothing business through

Expansions of the Brand
Other than jackets, the brand had also introduced a number of urban clothing lines, such as hoodies, tees, sweatshirts, pants, jeans, and other popular urban clothing lines. This, however, is when Jeff decided to sell the rights of the label to 3 different major countries, Japan, Europe, and in the US. A new owner of Avirex brand for USA is Mark Ecko Enterprises.

It was also in that time that Jeff Clyman decided to establish a new company which aims to offer military apparel to the market, including his Avirex jackets, called Cockpit USA. Start your own wholesale avirex clothing business through For more information you may visit to our site at