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Nitric Oxide Production

For A Rock Hard Erection Increase Nitric Oxide!

If you want a rock hard erection then you need plenty of nitric oxide produced in the body, in fact, if you don’t have enough of it not only will you fail to get a rock hard erection, you will fail to get an erection at all.

The erection process begins with sensory and mental stimulation and these are transmitted to the blood vessels of the penis and the release of nitric oxide is triggered. Nitric oxide secretion, causes the muscles of the penis to relax and expand allowing blood to flow into the spongy tissue of the penis, then fill it with blood and an erection is the result.

The Key Role of Nitric Oxide

If you don’t get enough nitric oxide then you will never get an erection. Nitric Oxide production decreases with age and many men who think they can only get an erection taking drugs simply need to increase their production of nitric oxide.

In fact, lack of nitric oxide is a far more common problem in terms of erectile dysfunction than lack of testosterone.

There are many natural supplements that are proven to increase the production of Nitric Oxide.

The Best Supplement to increase Nitric Oxide Production

L argentine is seen as one of the best and is actually a non essential amino acid which declines with age. Lack of it has been shown to cause numerous problems as we age – but in terms of sexual health, its role in increasing nitric oxide which helps a man get a hard erection.

Medical Evidence

A medical test conducted in 1994 demonstrated the importance of it as a supplement to increase libido and this has been confirmed many times since. It showed, an 80 percent improvement in the erectile performance of a group of men given 2.8 grams of L argentine for a period of just 14 days.

Increase its Affect

Of course there can be other causes of erectile dysfunction and these can be poor blood circulation and hardening of the arteries which restrict blood flow and for this you can take Gingko Bilbao and Ginseng both will increase blood flow to the extremities of the body and keep the blood vessels healthy.

Another great supplement to combine with the above is:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tibulus improves both desire and performance. Tribulus is not only an excellent circulatory herb, it also help build muscle and strength, as well as reduce muscle recovery time. Clinical studies have shown tribulus to contain protodioscin, a saponin constituent, which improves libido in men with impotence.

A combination Tested and Proven

In a medical test, Tribulus was used three times daily and an increase of sexual desire and fantasies, as well as sexual self-confidence, was reported in over 81% of the men who participated.

If you combine all the above with L argentine, you increase its effectiveness.

In a recent study 87% of men taking the above combination of L argentine and the above herbs reported harder erections and greater sexual satisfaction.

You can get L argentine and all the above extra herbs in the best herbal sex pills and if taken for a few weeks, not only will they increase your sex drive and lead you to a rock hard erection, they can also increase your overall wellness at the same time.