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Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas vs Levelor Which brand has the best cellular shades

If you are about to embark on a new interior design look for your home, or for particular rooms in your home, one easy and fast way to make a dramatic change in the appearance of the room is with new window treatments. Many people enjoy using window blinds for their ease of use, energy efficiency as well as light filtering capabilities, and there are two brands that have been in business for decades that offer quality products: Hunter Douglas and Levelor. If you know that you would like to get some cell shades for your home, you are probably deciding between Levelor cellular shades and Hunter Douglas shades. The best brand between Levelor shades and Hunter Douglas shades depends on several factors that you deem to be most important.

Hunter Douglas shades offer several features that are attractive to homeowners. They have shades that are energy efficient, utilize green materials, take child safety in account, come in motorized styles with motorized lifting systems guaranteed for five years and also have a lifetime guarantee for defects and broken parts not caused by normal wear and tear.

Levelor shades come backed with many aspects that homeowners appreciate. In business for nearly one hundred years and now a division of Newell-Rubbermaid, they offer the latest in window fashions, innovation in Levelor shades’ designs and quality products.

Levelor cellular shades come in over two hundred different fabric choices. This means that there are a wide variety of colors and textures to the fabrics used from which you can select those that will best fit into your new interior design aesthetic. Levelor cellular shades also can help save you money because there are models available made with Energy Shield technology, basically made of thicker materials so that warm air stays in your room in the winter and cool air stays inside during the hotter summer months. You can also use these shades to control light in the room by varying the type of fabric selected, which could range from sheer to semi-opaque all the way to solid blackout quality. This also helps to give you the privacy level you desire for bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms in the home.

Levelor also gives you many size and shape options in blinds. In addition to the regular square and rectangular shapes, you can get blinds sized to fit in arches, half arches, circles, angled skylights, cutouts and more.

You can learn more about Levelor and Hunter Douglas cellular shades by visiting an online window blinds dealer.

Dominic’s Decorating Fairfield Window Fashions

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We have been serving the residents of Fairfield County blinds, shutters, shades and more for over sixty years. Our window coverings are made by the best in the industry, so high quality is guaranteed. Hunter Douglas window fashions come with a lifetime guarantee. Visit our showroom to see our huge selection of Hunter Douglas products.

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For True Blackout – Think Window Shades, Not Blinds

First off, just what is “blackout?” When it comes to window treatments, blackout means two things, one of which is more important than the other and the focus of this article. In the most basic sense, blackout means that the material used in the construction of a window treatments is totally opaque i.e., no light is transmitted through the fabric. The second refers to what is known as “blackout experience.” It is not enough that the material/fabric blocks light, it is also how the window treatments fits within your window casing. The best blackout experience includes the combination of an opaque window treatment (more on this later) that is made to the exact specifications (made to measure) of your window casing. Furthermore, it is important that the window treatment be mounted on the inside of your window (within the window casing), not outside mounted (like drapes which are hung over the window). Having a window treatment custom made to fit your window, and mounted on the inside minimizes the light gaps between the window treatment and the window casing. This combination, inside mounted with the right blackout window treatment, will block about 99% of all incoming light – thus proving a blackout experience.

The best blackout experience is achieved with window shades, not blinds. A lot of people are searching for blackout blinds, this is because most people call all window treatments, “blinds.” Technically a window blind has slats (think mini blinds) or vanes (think vertical blinds). Window blinds do not make the best blackout window treatments. Blinds have too many light gaps between all of those slats or vanes to be good at blocking light.

The best blackout window treatments are window shades. And the best of these are, blackout cellular shades, blackout roman shades and blackout woven wood shades. Blackout cellular shades are made with opaque fabrics, the last two come with a blackout liner. These three window shades, when custom ordered, will fit tight enough within your window frame to have almost no light gaps. As an added benefit, these three window shades will also provide additional insulation to your windows which will help lower heating and cooling bills. This is especially true with cellular shades which are the best insulating window treatment, period.

A last note on cellular shades from the standpoint of energy efficiency is that they can be purchased in single cell or double cell, the latter offering more insulation. There is one manufacturer of triple cell cellular shades (Hunter Douglas) but Hunter Douglas is no longer selling their products online, so they are fairly hard to find anymore – and also a lot more expensive if you have to buy from one of their signature stores.

Having “true” blackout window shades for bedrooms is kind of a no-brainer and it is of course one of their main applications. It is really nice to be able to close the shade and it’s dark. Think of sleeping in till “whenever” and your room is still dark though the sun is high in the sky. Blackout shades are also very popular for home theaters, media rooms and nurseries.