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Experienced Family Lawyers

Choosing and using a good UK solicitor

These days some people are doing their own conveyancing and shops are selling DIY Wills, why use a Solicitor? A Solicitors Practice will have experience in each area of work; know the pitfalls and where money can be saved or gained. In addition all their work is guaranteed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to be insured, unlike DIY work or legal work performed by some others. Some more specific examples follow:

Will Drafting

An Experienced Solicitor will identify whether you require a straightforward Will or whether additional professional attention is required. They can ensure that your Will is enforceable. If the formalities are not completed a Will may not be enforceable and your property may not be distributed as you wish. A Solicitor’s advice can reduce the Inheritance Tax payable, potentially saving more of your estate for your beneficiaries. If you have children or have been married before then a Solicitors advice can be invaluable.

Other related services can be discussed at the same time such as Lasting Powers of Attorney nominating someone to look after your finances during your lifetime if you are unable to do so yourself. In these circumstances a Solicitors advice is vital. Solicitors often store their clients’ Wills securely free of charge, so it is accessible when needed. Ultimately they can administer the Will taking the burden from family or friends at difficult times and ensuring the correct procedures are followed.

Why would you use anyone but a Solicitor to help you with something so important? Look for a Solicitor who is a Registered Trusts and Estate Practitioner, they regularly train to stay up to date.


Buying and Selling property can be full of pitfalls. Thankfully experienced Solicitors with Local Knowledge can help to avoid these. At the outset they will give you a clear understanding of costs involved. Time is usually of the essence with conveyancing, whether buying or selling you want to have a binding contract in place as soon as possible. A good Solicitor will not just comply with the formalities such as completing searches and checking for developments next door but take time to advise you of the results.

Home Information Packs

The market is saturated with Home Information Pack providers, but which one to choose? If you instruct your Solicitor to do so then once you have a buyer they will already have the majority of information available to them to help ensure a speedy sale of your property.

Divorce & Separation

In difficult times it is good to speak to someone who is not only sympathetic of your situation but will also provide professional advice and will ‘fight your corner’. Experienced Family Lawyers can calculate your share of the finances, advise on the contact and custody of children, process the necessary paperwork and be your advocate in Court. Legal Aid is often available and if not other options may be on hand. Look for a Practice with an SRA accreditation in Family Law.

Litigation & Disputes

No one likes disputes, however if you do have a dispute which you feel that might become litigious contacting a Solicitor can help to reduce the overall cost and/or increase the return. It may also ensure a fast resolution. It can also prevent your making a costly initial error.

Contracts & Terms of Business

In business it is often tempting to use an ‘off the shelf’ contract or to find one on the internet, however these may not be appropriate or legally enforceable, it is usually too late when you find out. Experienced Solicitors have access to up-to-date contracts which can be adapted to your requirements; therefore you can have confidence in the contract.