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Domestic Designer Work

Difference Between Domestic Interior Design & Office Interior Design

According to the proficient Interior Designers, there’s a small
difference between Domestic Interior Design & Office Interior
Design. The designers who have gained specialization in domestic field
work only in customer’s homes. All the interior designers who have
expertise in the commercial field operate in a corporate office or
elsewhere. There are plenty of Office Interior Designing firm in Delhi,
India engaged in providing reliable services for corporate interior

Domestic Designer Work

Making an attractive yet functional house interior is the job of a
domestic designer. A designer assists you pick a perfect paint shades,
materials, fittings, finishes, flooring and other decorative accessories
for your home. All these furnishing items come under the category of
home interior designing. Apart from designing, these domestic interior
designers also assist their customers with remodeling.

Corporate Interior Design

Corporate Interior designers work on jobs in small, medium & large
offices. Prior starting the corporate design project, they overlook an
entire installation or remodel of offices and other openly used
buildings. You can hire an interior designing firm by searching &
evaluating the best deal for you. The firm you hire works in sync with
Designers and is responsible for the complete design and technical
solution from beginning to end. Corporate buildings, small & medium
offices, surgical institutes, colleges, art galleries and several
government spaces are possible job works for this kind of corporate


Normally, corporate
designers do the job in an designing firm. Their pay scale is still
limited because they are on a salary basis. In Delhi, India, there are
several interior designers who are self-employed. Their pay scale is
managed by what the industry will keep in charges and how much time they
need to put into their business.


It is necessary for all the corporate designers to hold a college
degree. Designers who have degree of an associate’s degree can get a job
as a design assistant or designer. All the students who hold a
bachelor’s degree can find a job as full-fledged designers. If you are
looking for an corporate Designing Firm, you are advised to pick one
that holds a specialization in this industry.

Work Environment

Designers working in the residential field are commonly self-employed.
They are best for designing a home or small shops. They work in a
flexible manner. Designers who are engaged in providing Office design
normally works out of a corporate office.

You can find an top Designing Firm in Delhi, India who will provide you complete solution in Design.