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Crease Care

The Hotpoint Tcd970 Tumble Dryer A Sensational Laundry Solution For Your Home

The Hotpoint Ultima TCD970 condenser tumble dryer is a fantastic choice for those looking to add to their laundry appliances. The TCD970 tumble dryer is a best seller and contains brilliant technologies and features which all add to the popularity of this brilliant appliance.

The TCD970 tumble dryer has been recognised by the Energy Saving Trust as being energy efficient and has been awarded a C rating, a respectable rating amongst tumble dryers. The TCD970 is also a condenser model, which means the water collected during a cycle gathers in a container which can then be emptied at your convenience.

The TCD970 tumble dryer has a brilliant 7kg load capacity, which is a fantastic load size being able to handle more than enough drying for the average family. As well as the fantastic capacities the TCD970 tumble dryer is available in a choice of colours, meaning that you will have no problem finding a model which will fit in with your kitchens dcor. Choose from TCD970A in aluminium, TCD970P in polar white, TCD970G in graphite or TCD970K in black, with each appliance containing the same fantastic technologies and functionalities all you need to worry about is which colour will be best for you!

The TCD970 tumble dryer has 7 programmes, including a Wool Programme, Cool Air Cycle, and Crease Care. The Wool Programme is a brilliant feature and you never have to worry about drying your woollies again, this programme is so gentle is can take care of the most delicate wool items. Crease Care is another feature which has helped this machine in becoming so desirable by intermittently tumbling the load without heat it prevents heavy creases from forming, a great time saver when it comes to doing the ironing! The End of Cycle Alarm is also a great extra, letting you know when the load is ready to be removed from the dryer.

Another great feature is the 24 hour delay timer, allowing you to simply set the load to begin whenever suits you, one great tip is to set it to run overnight when electricity costs are cheaper, you will soon see a difference to your energy bills!

The Bed and Bath feature on the TCD970 tumble dryer is another popular drying solution designed especially for bedding and towels. Using intelligent heating and tumbling technologies perfect drying results are achieved every time. Nothing beats fresh bedding straight from the dryer and the Bed and Bath cycle makes achieving this much easier!

For anyone looking for a condenser tumble dryer the Hotpoint TCD970 is an option which should be considered. Available in a choice of colours to suit you and with an excellent range of features it is well worth considering the TCD970 tumble dryer for your home.