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Connie Edwards

Quality Kitchen Cabinets at Value Pricing

With winter fast approaching and the economy still in turmoil, it
looks like more and more Americans will be hunkering down and staying
put at home this cold weather season. But being confined indoors doesn’t
have to lead to cabin fever. A little kitchen updating-including the
addition of new kitchen cabinets-can give your home that winter getaway
appeal without your ever having to fill the gas tank or brave icy roads.

that you’re thinking? Quality kitchen cabinets are going to cost you a
fortune-money you just don’t have right now with holiday shopping and
heating bills looming right around the corner? Well, stop that
self-defeating thinking right now. Armed with the right shopping
strategy, you can find quality kitchen cabinets at value pricing.

ask the folks over at ARAcontent. They recently published an article
titled “E-value-ating Your Shopping Strategy for Quality Kitchen
Cabinets,” so they ought to know. What advice did they offer therein?

choosing cabinetry, there are certain characteristics homeowners should
look for,” said certified kitchen and bathroom designer and director of
design, Connie Edwards. Those characteristics include:

Finishes – Look for kitchen cabinet finishes that require minimal care
and upkeep. Lasting durability is key to getting the most out of your
kitchen cabinet investment. A topcoat finish like DuraKraft(TM) is what
you should be looking for. This process is applied, oven-cured and
hand-sanded between coats, for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. And to
get the precise look you’re craving, look for a kitchen cabinet
manufacturer that offers an exquisite palette in a wide range of unique
colors to add warmth to both your kitchen cabinetry and your home.

2. Standard Construction Features – You don’t want
your kitchen cabinet cost savings to come at the expense of the
environment. So search out a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that is
committed to continually improving and advancing its processes and
products as part of its eco-conscious philosophy. Once you have that
peace of mind, evaluate what decorative enhancements the kitchen cabinet
manufacturer offers. Decorative accents, hardware, moldings and glass
inserts can all give your kitchen cabinets a customized look that
reflects your personal style. You’ll save hundreds, even thousands, of
dollars if these enhancements are part of your overall kitchen cabinetry
package as opposed to being bought piecemeal elsewhere.

Warranties – Obviously, a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that prides
itself on high-quality construction will guarantee its products, but not
all warranties are created equal. Many kitchen cabinetry manufacturers
offer limited warranties only. Shop around for a kitchen cabinet
manufacturer that warrants its cabinetry to be free of defects in
material or workmanship for as long as they are owned by the original

4. Retailer Options – Look for a kitchen cabinet
manufacturer that is flexible in its pricing options and that is open to
discussion about its costs. Pricing kitchen cabinetry without knowing
all of the detailed information specific to each kitchen is difficult.
There are so many variables to consider, such as wood species, finish,
storage solutions and moldings, that it is best to discuss pricing with
your kitchen designer before sealing the deal. That way, there will be
no surprises down the road.