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Antibacterial Protection

Hotpoint Future Ff200e A Fridge Freezer For Every Home

Hotpoint fridge freezers are one of the most desirable appliances in todays market. There are a number of elements which make these appliances so popular, the FF200E is a perfect example of why Hotpoint fridge freezers are a preferred choice by several consumers.

The FF200E fridge freezer is a safe and hygienic place to chill and freeze all your food. These models are freestanding so will fit anywhere in the kitchen where there is room. Lets explore the features and functions of the FF200E and see just what makes this fridge freezer so popular.

One of the first things to note is that the FF200E fridge freezer is A energy rated, as a fridge freezer is working hard 24/7 having a better energy rating is important. Being A rated will not only help the environment but you will also save money off your energy bills, so when looking for a cooling appliance such as the Hotpoint FF200E fridge freezer you should always look for an A or above rating.

The FF200E also benefits from being fully frost free, one of the most desirable features available on fridge freezers. Frost free means you will never have to defrost your freezer again as the build up of ice around the inside of the appliance and on foods is eliminated. In addition to the your food will stay fresher for longer due to the circulation of the cold air it is clear to see what makes the frost free feature so appealing so when looking at the FF200E fridge freezer remember you will be getting an excellent function also. The FF200E also contains Ice Care which is an in drawer ice trays neatly fitted into the door of the drawer. You can have easy access to ice cubes at any time without compromising precious storage space.

It is not just the freezer which comes with cool features, the fridge contains Antibacterial Protection which is built into the liners on inside of the appliance. Antibacterial Protection works in-between cleanings and slows down the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and reduces any odours inside the appliance. The FF200E fridge also benefits from I Care intelligent refrigeration which sets the fridge to the best temperature for the contents inside and ensures it is running at the best energy efficiency level. The FF200E contains a Fresh Box, a great section which maintains a cooler temperature inside the refrigerator so you can store your fresh meats and fish which will be ready to serve and delicious every time.

Super Cool and Super Freeze are great functions and the Hotpoint FF200E fridge freezer really benefits from these extras. When you add food to the fridge or freezer the internal temperature can rise which put foods already inside the appliance at risk, the Super Cool and Super Freeze functions quickly cool the internal temperature until it reaches an ideal and safe level for the food to be stored. The Hotpoint FF200E is full of practical and useful features.

Other extras included in the FF200E fridge freezer is a wine rack, great for safely storing a bottle of your favourite wine chilled to an ideal temperature and ready to serve. Also a wide salad bin which is great for keeping your salad and vegetables crunchy and riper for longer. The FF200E fridge freezer also contains 2 safety glass shelves, this is an excellent safety feature and if an accident was to occur and a shelf fell to the floor it would not shatter like ordinary glass. The FF200E also benefits from an extra deep bottle balcony, 4 freezer drawers which provide a great amount of storage space and an LED control an attractive way of monitoring your appliances temperature.

When youre on holiday your FF200E fridge freezer wont be taking a break but the holiday setting allows for the freezer to keep running as normal. The appliance wont be being opened and closed which affects the temperature, so if you have an empty freezer which is closed for a while it can start to smell and energy costs can be inefficient. The holiday setting on the FF200E cuts this out and provides and energy efficient way of maintaining the temperature inside the appliance while reducing unpleasant odours.

The FF200E is available in a great selection of colours so there really is something to suit every kitchen. Choose from the FF200EG in graphite, FF200EP in polar white, FF200EA in satin aluminium, FF200EK in black and FF200EX in stainless steel. Each containing the same brilliant features and functions while looking great in your kitchen.

Anyone looking for a fridge freezer should consider the Hotpoint FF200E, there is one to suit every kitchen and with a host of practical features and functions the FF200E is an excellent choice for any kitchen. Hotpoint are known for their hardworking and durable appliances, the FF200E fridge freezer is no exception and works hard in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.