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Where to Find Discount Flower Bulbs

While many enjoy the beauty of home-grown flowers, not everyone can afford the hefty price tag of creating an elaborate floral retreat. Luckily, there are discount flower bulbs available for the budget-conscience.

One option is to order wholesale. Some companies will offer wholesale prices to consumers if they meet a minimum order requirement. Colorblends, for example, offers wholesale prices to consumers with a $50 minimum order.

Many stores will offer discounts if you are willing to buy a large quantity. Most stores do not advertise this policy, so it never hurts to ask. When shopping for discount flower bulbs, its a good idea to leave your shyness at home!

Another way to buy cheap flower bulbs is to catch sales and incentives. American Meadows, for example, offers incentives for ordering early. If you order your bulbs in the spring or early summer, you receive a 50% discount; orders placed in fall are regular priced.

Discount flower bulbs are also available at club stores like Sams or Costco. Flower bulbs are often much less expensive at these stores, though the cost of membership can offset the savings. If you are already a member, it would be worthwhile to look into bulbs at these stores.

Flower bulbs are often available at stores like Dollar General, American Dollar, Dollar Tree, and 99 Cents Only. These discount stores often offer great prices on a large variety of bulbs. However, you need to inspect the bulbs prior to purchase to insure that they are still viable. Flower bulbs should be firm and free of any visible defects.

With some research and perseverance, it is possible to buy flower bulbs at a discount. What could be sweeter than the smell of money saved?