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Simple Hints For Small Bathroom Decorating

Sometimes the best small bathroom decorating idea are the ones that use the simplest methods of small bathroom decorating. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when decorating a small bathroom, including which colors to use, which fixtures to choose, and what decor items you would like to include. When planning to do some small bathroom decorating, there are some things that you must keep in mind to make your decorating scheme a success and create a bathroom design that you can be proud of.

Choose Small Appliances and Fixtures

When small bathroom decorating, the size of the bathroom must always be kept in mind. Although having a large bathtub for lounging may seem attractive, it is just not practical in a small bathroom because it will take up way too much space. Choosing smaller appliances and fixtures for small bathroom decorating will make the bathroom appear larger and more comfortable with plenty of room to maneuver. Some common items used in the decorating scheme for a small bathroom include slim pedestal sinks and doorless showers.

Bright Lighting is Your Friend

Most small bathroom decorating includes lots of bright lighting to illuminate all of the areas of the bathroom. Small bathrooms that are brightly lit will appear much more open than a bathroom that contains lots of shadowy areas. There are many ways to incorporate additional lighting into small bathroom decorating without taking up valuable space and crowding the room. Recessed lighting in the walls and ceiling is a common way to add additional light as well as using additional mirrors to reflect the available light around the room, intensifying it dramatically.

Light Colors Open Up the Area

Small bathroom decorating experts have repeated found that using light colors in small areas makes the area appear more spacious. Dark colors and bold colors should be avoided as they will make the bathroom appear much smaller. Light, soft, or pale colors should be used to make the walls appear farther apart and the space available will seem more open. The walls are not the only things that should be covered with a light color as the color of the flooring, appliances, and fixtures is important as well.

There are many different ways to use small bathroom decorating to make a small bathroom more attractive and less claustrophobic. By following these simple tips, you will be able to create a bathroom design that is perfect for your needs.