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Roses and Their Meaning

Different roses color convey different meanings, so which color is better? Each color is unique, they have their each meanings. Read this definitive guide to rose color meaning to ensure that you always send the right roses for the right occasion.

>Meaning of Red Roses are Love, love without a doubt. Red roses also can mean romance and passion. if you want to say I Love You to your beloved one, Red roses is the perfect choice. Red roses also can meaning It’s time to get serious.

>Symbolism of white rose is innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, heavenly, reverence and humility. Send white roses and tells your sweetheart that they’re simply “heavenly”. White roses also a great color for the romantic in your life! that’s white roses

>Meaning of fire and ice rose is the ultimate when dealing in romance and courtship. the others meaning of fire and ice roses are love, concern and passion

>Meaning of Pink roses are grace, sophistication and elegance. pink roses also can mean gentle feelings of love and friendship. Send deep pink roses and you’re telling that someone special you appreciate their sense of grace, style and their gentle nature. Send them light pink roses and you’re saying, “I really admire you!”

>Meaning of yellow rose is joy and deep friendship. Send your best friend a bunch of yellow roses with a card that says, “You’ll be my best friend forever!”

>Meaning of Orange rose or Coral roses is enthusiasm and desire. Send orange roses, the color of desire and enthusiasm. Then, wait for passion to ignite.

>Meaning of blue rose is mystery. A tantalizing vision that cannot be totally pinned down, a mystery that cannot be fully unraveled is the blue rose. the other meaning of blue rose are something very extraordinary expresses, that very same feeling. “You are extraordinarily wonderful”. A blue rose also can mean a truly wonderful personality

>Purple roses or lavender rose symbolize love at first sight. Send a gorgeous array of lavender roses and tell your sweetheart once again, “I fall in love all over again every time I see you”. Purple roses also can means protection (paternal/maternal love)

>Meaning of green rose is richness, abundance and bounty. Green roses are a sign of plenty and copiousness. Green rose also symbolizes self-respect and well being. When you simply need to surprise someone, or please him or her, green rose is the right choice.

>Color black has always been synonymous with death and mourning. It is thus the color of sadness and farewell. But death does not always cause mourning. It can also be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory. The black rose, because it symbolizes death and passing away, also indicates a major change or upheaval in the future. In that sense, the black rose also means the death of old habits and the old order.

>Meaning of White and Red roses mixed are unity and togetherness. What a great surprise for the newlywed, loving partner or your parents if you send to them white and red roses mixed and say, “Thanks for being such a great symbol of love through the years!”

>Meaning of a dozen roses is care with a dozens way. send a dozen roses to say “there are dozens of ways I care about you.”

>Meaning of Two dozen roses are love in all day. two dozen roses stands for the 24 hours in a day, send two dozen of roses to your beloved one to say “i think about you every hour”

>Meaning of three dozen roses is a romantic attachment unlike any other.

>Meaning of four dozen roses are unchanging and unconditional love, this is the the highest value of love. send four dozen roses to your beloved one to say ‘nothing can change my love to you, i love you forever in whatever condition’, that’s four dozen roses means