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Redecorate Your Home in Unique and Exotic Moroccan Style

Do you think it’s time to change your current interior design? Do
you want to render a unique style to your home? The same interior decor
in your home for years can get you bored. You should consider to
redecorate your interior decor to help you liven up your mood while you
can flaunt your beautiful home with pride. I just want to remind you,
that you don’t have to limit your options to only classic and modern
style of decor. There is much more to interior decoration than choosing
between the contemporary and classic style. Here’s an idea, why don’t
you try the exotic Moroccan style for a change this time? I’m sure your
friends will be excited with the change

Here are the home decoration tips that will help you render a Moroccan touch to your home.

Use Strong Colors for your Interiors

focal point of decorating a home in Moroccan style is strong colors.
Shades of green, blue that reflect the Mediterranean and Atlantic with
lines of silver and shimmering gold bringing out the feel of the great
Sahara deserts and the image of brightly reddish sunsets of Africa is
what you need to focus on.

Go For Moroccan Theme Based Furniture

Moroccan style furniture is simple in style. They are
usually known for their scroll work made of wrought iron, wooden carving
done in high relief, upholstery that is hued with richness, terra cotta
tiles and intricate mosaic work.

Fabrics that are Lush and Luxurious

Moroccan fabrics are rich in color woven with intricate designs. Fill
your furniture with a lot of cushions and drape your windows and doors
with lots of luxurious fabrics. In areas where people spend a lot of
time, drape loose fabric that has heavy cords in order to create more

Light your Home in Moroccan Style

Dim lights
are typical of Moroccan style. Whether they come from lamp shades,
pendants or any other source, keep the lighting to minimum. Traditional
Moroccans made use of candles for lighting. Using candles can add a
romantic element to your interiors. You could opt for scented candles to
add unique fragrance to each room. If you want a little bit of fusion,
you could also throw in some potpourri.

Since now, you know how to
change the way things look around you, do not let yourself miss out on
the opportunity to see the difference.