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Reasons To Wear An Apron

An apron is a garment used to protect clothes from unwanted spills and stains. It may be worn at home for a multitude of reasons. The aprons most popular use is cooking followed close by cleaning. Often aprons are required wear as in uniforms, like the ones waitresses, domestic workers and nurses wear. Many aprons are worn in industries populated more by men than woman. Such as welding, cabinet making. Lab technicians handling chemicals wear aprons. Even farm hands and fishermen use aprons. Potters wear special aprons when working on a potter’s wheel.

Aprons are made from many types of materials. The common household apron is made mostly of cotton and the more colorful, the better. You will also find aprons made of rubber materials. They are mostly worn by workers who deal with dangerous chemicals, and anywhere that splatter is an issue. There are aprons made from lead and are commonly used by persons exposed to radiation, like X-ray technicians. Aprons used by carpenters are characteristically filled with pockets and loops so they can hold their smaller hand tools and hammers. Aprons for house chores, outdoor cooking, car washing and such could be made from PVC or oilcloth, which are waterproof and perfect for washing dishes and other wet or greasy things. Clean up of such aprons is usually with a damp rag or a degreaser and a garden hose.

Aprons come in many forms and style, depending on what their intended use is. A bib apron is a fuller apron that covers your upper body as well as the front of you generally down to your knees, while the waist apron or half apron is simply that. There are aprons that resemble lab coats and are put on from front to back. There are wraparound aprons that cover like a coat, these are often used by artists and are designed to cover nearly all of your clothing.

Aprons were traditionally viewed as a household staple, an essential garment every household should have. They had become less popular for sometime but are now enjoying a comeback, both in use and as a treasured collectible. Vintage Aprons have become more popular in just the last few years, and can be purchased both in their true vintage state and as a reproduction.

Aprons are appropriate not only for women but for men as well. More woman wear aprons in the home however as they tend more to cooking and cleaning. Men seem to favor aprons at their jobs and for gardening and outdoor chores. Women tend to be more protective of their clothes so they don an apron quicker than the man in the house.

Domestic work still commands the highest use of aprons on the job. Most cooks are not without aprons when in the kitchen; after all they offer both protection and hygiene. Some of the finest eating establishments’ servers wear an apron.

For your own use aprons are offered in many contemporary and trendy designs. If your taste tends towards the more classic or retro, then seek out vintage aprons and you’ll soon have a collection going and be the envy of all of your friends.