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Raffle Ticket Fundraising Sell More Raffle Tickets Faster In 3 Easy Steps!

Raising funds using raffle fundraising is somewhat of an easy solution to solve your fundraising problems. With some raffle’s your organization can raise $5,000, $10,000, and even $100,000 in one month. I’ve seen it happen!

You see, a raffle is very effective because it is a win-win situation for both parties: the organization and the participants. Why? Simply, for a small amount you can have a shot of winning an expensive car, a house, vacation packages, and many other prizes. The organization win’s big because the amount’s raised can be very substantial in a short period of time.

Here are three easy methods to sell more tickets faster than ever before.

Step 1: Create small mini-billboard’s and promote your raffle

Mini-billboard’s are 2.5 x 3.5 business card’s with your advertising information on the card. You can have these printed for very cheap, for around $100 for 5,000 cards. The method with this is to pass these out to various local businesses that have walk-in traffic. Place these at the front of their storefront on their counters. The more walk-in traffic = more raffle ticket purchases.

Step 2: Contact Radio Stations

You can gain massive exposure by simplying working with a local small, medium, or even large radio station. Small one’s are easier. It’s quite simple, call the program director or community events director and inform them about your raffle fundraiser. Ask them what you you can do to help them get this information on the airwaves. Give it a try, it works!

Step 3: Contact Local Newspaper for PR

Get some press! If you raffle is local you will need to get some local exposure to drive the sales of the raffle tickets. Send a press release to all of your local newspapers regarding your raffle. There are many great books on how to write a press release, so I won’t go into this, but again getting press can greatly increase your chances of raising more funds faster than ever before.

Again, these methods work, so give them a try. Happy fundraising!