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Nokias Green Initiative Phone Recycle Campaign

Nokia is going green by taking back old phone for recycling and has started we:recycle campaign and urging people to become Planet Saver. Its requesting people to drop old phones at Nokia priority dealer or Nokia care centre and promising to recycle the metal and plastic to make useful things, resulting into no extra mining and no cutting trees. Its also promising to plant a tree for every phone you drop.

In todays reality, recycling old phones is not such a common practice. Isnt this a very innovative and big corporate social responsibility (CSR), the size at Nokia operates is large and collecting phones from thousands of priority centre and Nokia care need huge logistics and then dismantle all these phones. Nokia has over 1 billion phones sold worldwide.

Nokia is a market leader in mobile devices and with leadership comes great responsibility. Nokia aims to be a leading company in environmental performance. Our vision is a world where everyone being connected can contribute to sustainable development. We want to shape our industry and drive best practices says Nokia on its website.

How many times you have upgraded your mobile handset in last 3 years? What you did with old handset? Many of such handsets remain somewhere in the corner of the room or thrown in dustbin. When your phone is lost, charger is not lost and hence you pile up big stocks of these chargers because they are not standardized for all phones. You simply keep these chargers at home for indefinite time.

Think, you too can not contribute to save earth by responding to Nokias advt.

There’s still a lot in an old phone:
Old phones might seem worthless but they still contain many usable and valuable materials. Nokias idea is to make it easier for consumers to act green by offering the possibility to return old, unused phones and accessories. Authorized Nokia Service Points, flagship stores, municipal collections, industry association’s collections, or retailers’ campaigns are all possible channels for returning used products.

We are currently investigating, from an environmental and business angle, the refurbishment process of used mobile phones. As a major manufacturer, it is in both our best interests and that of our consumers to bring some clarity and quality assurance to an area of the market that has been left largely undefined.

Minimising our environmental footprint
Nokias environmental work is based on life cycle thinking. This means that Nokia aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products throughout our operations, beginning with the extraction of raw materials and ending with recycling, treatment of waste, and recovery of used materials. Nokia achieve this by better product design, close control of the production processes, and greater material reuse and recycling.

Nokias environmental efforts focus on four issues:
Substance management. Nokia work closely with our suppliers and require full declaration of the substances we use in our devices. Our work is based on the precautionary principle and we aim at continuously reducing the amount of substances of concern. In addition, Nokia explore the opportunities for using new, more environmentally friendly materials, such as bio plastics or recycled metals and plastics.
Energy efficiency. Nokia make sure our devices use as little energy as possible. Nokia also work to reduce the energy consumption of our operations, and agree on energy efficiency targets with our key suppliers.
Take back and recycling. Nokia want to increase consumer awareness of recycling, offer superior recycling in all markets and promote the recycling of used devices through specific initiatives and campaigns. The backbone of Nokias take-back program are the collection points of used devices in 5000 Nokia care centres in 85 countries.
Promoting sustainability through services and software. Nokia has developed eco services for our phones to help people to make sustainable choices and consider the environment in their everyday lives. A variety of eco services are freely downloadable to Nokia devices via Ovi store.

So, will you search for your old phone and drop it to Nokia?