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My Honest Nu Skin Review Exposing Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

When looking for a “Nu Skin Scam” you may find various reviews, positive ones and negative. Let me assure you that Nu Skin is not a scam and it has a proven track record. Some reviews may be fake just to recruit you to another opportunity so please be careful.

Nu Skin Scam Truth Revealed?

NuSkin was founded by Steve Lund, Sandi Tillotson and Blake and Nedra Roney in 1984. NuSkin’s stats are rather impressive. It created over 720 millionaires and has active 800,000 distributors all around the world. In 2011 Nu Skin revenue exceeded $1.6 billion.

You can actually buy Nu Skin stocks on the stock market as the company is public traded. In order to become a publicly traded company, a lot of investigations need to happen. That proves that the company is not a scam. NuSkin is NOT a pyramid scheme, it’s a real MLM business with real products and real compensation plan.

NuSkin Product Review

Nu Skin products definitely don’t fall in a ‘scam’ category. The company features one of the best quality anti-aging, skin care products in the industry targeted for men and women. Their Galvanic Spa is a very popular product that helps in eliminating wrinkles through a special tropical fruit extract. The company also offers products in different packs like Pharmanex that has a bunch of anti-aging supplements in it.

Nu Skin Compensation Plan Review

The Nu Skin compensation plan pays 45% for each direct sale. Just in 2009 the company paid $500M in commissions.

In average the active US distributor earned $125 a month, or $1,500 a year. In average 15% of active US distributor earned a commission. Active distributors are around 33% of total distributors in the company.

Why Are Some Nu Skin Members Complaining?

Many Nu Skin reps may complain and blame the company for their low results. Yet, in many cases it’s not the company that made them not successful. Many times you just need a proven marketing system, proper education and a step-by-step plan to follow each day to become successful in network marketing.

The old approach of going to your friends and family is very limited as it can be used just once. Learn marketing from the experts like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham and learn how to generate free leads daily online. This will help you to stand out from anyone else and recruit more people into your primary business.