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Methods To Fix The Curls On Your Area Rugs

Select from this methods to fix those stubborn curls on your rugs: ironing, steaming, reversing, placing under the furniture, placing under the bad, using books, and using adhesive tapes.

Adding an area rug can add sophistication to a room. because of high traffic and some other factors, you can see those unsightly problems of curling on your rugs. To fix these stubborn curls, choose from the following methods.


Rub a wet towel over the areas that curled up. Place an iron on moderate heat, then with the wet towel over the curled-up portion up the rug, press it gently over it. It serves to flatten out those wavy areas. Remember not to place the heat at a very high level as it could leave undesirable burning marks on the rug.


You could try using a steam cleaner to soften up to curled portions of the area rug. With the aid of a wet sponge, scrub the curled-up area to soften the rug fibers for it to stay flat again. Let the rug dry and you should see some results.

Placing under furniture

Select some available furniture. Take the rug and place over it the furniture. It may not be seem to be the best solution but in a week or so, you can see for yourself a informally leveled rug.


On of the simplest methods is to take the carpet ug rug that has curled on it’s corners then roll it on a reversed direction. Another step is to simply flip the rug and lay it upside down. You can witness your rug flattened in no time after a week or so.

Using adhesive tapes

You can purchase a specialized carpet adhesive tapes from your local hardware. This can help secure your rug firmly into the floor and doesn’t leave any obvious markings. Flatten the rolled up corners first to place it back in it’s place then tape up the corners.

Using books

Another unconventional method is to place heavy books like dictionaries and multi-volume encyclopedia on the curled-up corners. Any heavy book will do. The rationale for this is that if your are trying to save up some space and there might be no furniture available to be placed over the rugs. Leave the book there for about 2 weeks and a leveled rug should be achieved.

Placing under the bed

If other methods fail, you can try placing the rug between the mattresses of your bed. Place it carefully and must be laid flat. Leave it there for about a week to yield results.

It also good to note, that the method to be used should be applicable to the material the rug it is made from. Choose the right method to fix, then make it look as good as new.