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Meenakari Bangles For Traditional Women In You!

These exclusive jewels that are ethnic in their designs and patterns and are created by the Meenakars using assorted techniques. Meenakari bangles are desired by all the women who love to adore themselves with traditional jewelleries on special occasions like weddings, engagement and festivals. These are the dazzling jewels that attracts with its intricate carving and designs.

Meenakari Bangles usually consist of designs and patterns that comprises of elephant, lion, birds and floral patterns with multi coloured enameling. The most popular colours used for enameling are blue, green, white and red. This art of embellishing the metal was introduced by the Mughals. This art however had its base in Persia. The highly skilled Meenakars where brought to India by Raja Man Singh of Amber.

Today, Meenakari bangles are designed by the artisans of various regions like Jaipur,Bikaner,Udaipur and West Bengal which are the popular destination where this art has developed on much wider scale. Punjab, Lucknow and Delhi are the popular centers for exclusive Meenakari jewelleries as well.

If you are thinking of some unique gift for your loved one then, Meenakari bangles are the best option. These are well designed and intricately carved by the hands of the artisans. These are adorned with gold, silver embellishments and few expensive ones have diamond studs carved out as well. Commonly, lac base is used for Meenakari bangles however gold and silver base is also being used to make them much more attractive.

Meenakari Bangles are so popular that top bollywood actress can also be seen wearing these traditional accessory to various events and premiers of their movies. Moreover, with many mythological serials coming on the television most of the artists can be seen wearing these designer Meenakari Bangles.

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