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Man Cave Necessities – Top 5 Requirements for Your Manly Retreat

If you are thinking about creating the perfect spot where you can relax in comfort without the interruptions of your spouse or kids, then we have some tips for you. While each person has different ideas of what they really need in their man cave, there are some basic requirements that most everyone will want. Many men are now building their man caves some distance from the main living areas of their home, with privacy in mind. Such locations often include outbuildings like garages, sheds, or other outdoor structures on your property. A freestanding building offers the privacy and retreat that men crave, while still allowing you to be close to your loved ones, should they need you. If a freestanding man cave is what you’re considering, we’ve identified five important requirements to allow comfortable seclusion away from home.

1. Power – You will need to have power wherever you are creating your getaway. After all, you’ll need electricity for that big screen TV and stereo system. Some outbuildings may already be equipped with electricity, but if yours isn’t, you’ll need to plan a budget for running electric lines out there. If the building is located some distance from existing power lines, you may want to consider an alternative like solar panels or a wind turbine for the roof.

2. Heating and cooling You will need to keep your area comfortable with some type of climate control. Where you live will impact your needs greatly. In a more temperate climate you may just need ceiling fans and possibly a few south facing windows or skylights. However in areas where the temperature varies greatly, you will want to consider a form of heat for winter months and some sort of air conditioner for warmer times of the year.

3. Media and utilities A big screen TV is almost always a requirement for a man cave, and most men will agree that bigger is always better! But the television is only as good as the system that it is hooked up to. You will need to assure you have cable or satellite service so you get all the programming that you need.

4. Food and water Of course you will need to have some type of set up for eating and drinking in your private space. This can be as elaborate as a full kitchen or as simple as a refrigerator stocked with your favorite beverages. Most people probably settle on something in between. A refrigerator next to a portable rolling kitchen island can be a good choice if you are limited in space.

5. Restroom facilities Let’s face it, with all the eating and drinking, you’ll need some type of facility in your man cave. Installing a small bathroom may be one of most costly parts of your project. For most man caves, a toilet and sink is sufficient, but if you don’t have access to water or sewer lines, even this can be tricky. One option is a small waterless unit like a composting toilet. Not only are these systems odorless and easy to maintain, but they make a pretty cool gadget for your man cave, as well.

Whatever your decisions are in each of these areas, it’s important that you give each of them some consideration before you get out the hammer and nails and begin building or finishing off your space. With some advance planning and preparation, youll ensure that your space is well equipped for rest, relaxation, and fun times with the guys.