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Led Energy-saving Lamps Light Of Domestic Production In Foreign Countries

Energy-saving lamp life is 2,500-5,000 hours, while semiconductor LED lighting lamps life is 50,000 ~8 hours under normal conditions, but only incandescent bulbs, neon lights LED lamp power consumption one-tenth. Therefore, if all of our lighting using LED lights, then a year electricity savings equivalent to built 6 of three gorges power station.

Departments concerned should adopt mandatory measures to promote energy-efficient products, strengthen the scientific propaganda green consumption and energy conservation, and Government ease means, from various aspects such as financial, tax, product development, supporting the development and use of energy-efficient products, energy-saving products prices come down and persuade them to go to the ordinary people.

Energy monitor Corps Chief of integrated technology of Zhejiang Province, senior engineer Wang Yunpeng told reporters recently, currently Zhejiang province’s environmental protection and energy saving type (LED) lamp production company has more than 1000 enterprises. Despite the many production enterprises, product energy efficiency of alarming, but “production of LED lights are basically sold abroad”.

Semiconductor LED lighting has become recognized worldwide as an important way of energy saving and environmental protection. Because factors such as the lack of electricity in the country, calling for time to save energy by using energy-efficient lighting products, as the world’s biggest energy-saving lamp production in Zhejiang Province, over more than 1000 LED lamp production companies produce at home rarely, and Zhejiang produces LED lights can only be sold abroad. In fact not only LED lights, about 50% per cent of the global production of energy saving lamps in Zhejiang, Zhejiang 95% for export production of energy saving lamps, energy saving lamps, the utilization rate of less than 20% of the local population.

Represented by the LED lamps why energy-efficient products not being faced by people in Taiwan are optimistic about wall wall fragrant flowering embarrassed? Reason for this restriction.

First is the high price of energy-efficient products. Current incandescent bulb per 1 to 2 Yuan, while the cheapest energy-saving lamps in the market in more than 10, currently a 250 Watt high pressure sodium light source section 220 Yuan, but a corresponding LED Street lamp light parts 1700 Yuan is required. It is this high price, to discourage domestic consumers for energy-efficient products.

Followed by consumer understanding of the idea of bias. Current domestic consumption, mainly focused on price and product quality, and for energy efficiency and “personal savings accounts”, “national energy account” with little concern, with the result that ordinary consumers continue to choose target consumer on the standard price of stay on the surface, resulting in energy-saving products best game no one played.

Third, lack of policy guidance. Although we have repeatedly emphasized that save energy, the construction of economical society, but only stays on the slogans and policy advocacy. In addition, because the specific standards for energy-saving products and found that qualifications such as vulnerability management there is a, which makes a number of products under the name seems energy-saving market.

Energy saving will eventually depend on energy-saving products to achieve, to achieve the purpose of the construction of economical society to achieve energy savings, we have “LED” learn embarrassing realities facing, to take measures to promote energy-saving products.

First is take forced measures promotion energy-saving products, eliminated those production technology behind, and energy wasted serious of traditional products; second is take Government stabilizing means, from funds, and tax, and products development, all aspects, on energy-saving products of development and using introduced subsidies and grants, enabling measures, to energy-saving products price drop down, led its go near unusual people; its three is strengthened green consumption and savings energy of science publicity efforts, boot people science even, consciously practice line green consumption, and Save energy-saving society construction claims its four is to regulate energy market management, crack down on fake and shoddy products are shoddy to discredit energy-saving products reputation.

If we do, it is estimated that “LED” energy-saving lamps as the representative of the energy-saving products are sure to come out of the wall within the fragrant flowering wall of embarrassment, become green consumer behavior of domestic consumer market trends, so as to practice energy conservation and green consumption, positive contribution to the construction of economical society.