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Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

Kitchen cabinets are used more often than dishwashers and stoves.
And since they occupy a large space, they more exposed to elements that
can help degrade their quality. Unfortunately, kitchen cabinets are
less taken cared off as compared to stoves and dishwashers. During the
cleaning, they are often left out unattended. This should not be the
practice. Keeping kitchen cabinets in their perfect look requires
regular cleaning and wiping. Wiping a clean cloth can help maintain the
original look of the cabinet doors for a very long time. Door knobs
should be cleaned as well.

There are specific cleaning aids
designed for wood kitchen cabinets. Avoid using abrasive and caustic
cleaners. Aluminum cabinets can be cleaned with warm water and regular

Those you cannot see are often more damaging. This is
also true with kitchen cabinets. Usually, it is common to leave the top
of the cabinets untouched – leaving the most important part of the
kitchen cabinets that needs to be cleaned dirty. Avoid this by making
sure that you start cleaning from the top before cleaning the visible

Basic kitchen cabinet maintenance

Moisture, dusts,
and crawling creatures can penetrate your cabinets any time if the
drawers and doors are not closed properly. Ensure that all the doors and
drawers are fully closed to maintain what’s inside. Doors or drawers
that do not close fully should be repaired.

Repainting kitchen cabinets

If there is a need
to repaint the cabinets, choose between latex and oil. They both provide
several advantages but most professional painters prefer oil-based
paint since it provides smoother and durable surface. Latex-based paint
on the other hand can be cleaned easily and quickly.

kitchen cabinets is the most cost-effective way to give your kitchen
area a good new look. But if the task needs more than that, then you
should choose between re facing and replacing your kitchen cabinets.

Re-facing kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets provide several advantages to homeowners especially on
the cost. It is generally cheaper to reface kitchen cabinets than
replace them. Refaced kitchen cabinets provide clean, fresh and up to
date look of the kitchen area. It redefines the kitchen surrounding. And
if you are planning to sell your home, good, clean and newly refaced
kitchen cabinets are more appealing to potential buyers.