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Is Herbalife Honest

Herbalife Scam Review

Herbalife has fallen on hard times. They’ve lost some of their customers and distributors, and now their reputation is in jeopardy. Herbalife has been an MLM that was considered untrustworthy, and now they’ve ventured into territory that could be charged with being a scam.

Having to settle with selling their products to countries with fewer MLM business opportunities, Herbalife continued to offer outdated products until they realized that they needed to improve their reputation if they were going to grow successfully as a company. Over the past couple of years, they have demonstrated an effort to ameliorate their business by providing updated compensation plans, redesigned their website, and creating a better back office for the distributors.

Herbalife has certainly commenced their journey towards repairing their much damaged reputation, however, a much needed financial investment for research and product development is required before they are eliminated as a possible MLM scam. I would be hesitant to recommend Herbalife until they exhibit further efforts to enhance their products.

Now They Have Begun This.

Herbalife began in the 1980’s as an MLM business that put major emphasis on weight loss programs and energy boosters. It was only a matter of time until consumer awareness increased, and thus Herbalife started to lose its credibility to more trustworthy products.

With the downfall of Herbalife..s client base Herbalife became an MLM with more distributors than clients and got red flagged as a Pyramid scheme scam. Though this was not their intention to scam people their lack of innovation and speediness to keep up with the times caused many people to lose a lot of money, having dedicated so much time, money and effort to their Herbalife businesses and not wanting to drop the company as the clients lowered little by little

Can Herbalife overcome its past reputation?

There may be a way. Their product line is now diversifying. They’re offering beauty supplies, heart supplements, and immunity boosters. It still hasn’t made them first in their game, but it’s advanced them.

Now, Herbalife maintained their business expanding and doing quite well offering countries with very few MLM options a system that people could use to create home based businesses. But they did expanded into new markets without updating their product line. This I would consider that a scam, even though it has functioned well for many people, creating an outlet for people to create their own business models and home based businesses in these less saturated markets.

Having been restricted to the less saturated countries, Herbalife has come to the realization that they are not fulfilling their maximum profit potential. In an effort to increase their credibility and gain access to markets in the more saturated countries, they have begun to redefine their business model and product lines. Herbalife has access to the financial funds to conduct the proper research and improve their reputation by developing competitive products. At this stage of the game, it could be seen as potentially profitable to join this company while they are on their way to improvement. Having said this, I would strongly urge that anyone interested in taking part of Herbalife, constructs a solid business plan and view the endeavor as a gamble and not a certainty.