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Introducing the Weathermatic Smartline SL800 Controller

The Weathermatic Smartline SL800 Controller is an example of weather-based watering. The SLW series of this cutting-edge weather station uses information about onsite conditions, weather data, and plant material data to track evapotranspiration. This data is analyzed every day so that the controller can determine the best watering run times. Weather based watering can help keep your plant life healthy and help you cut down on water costs. How so? When you decrease your watering times you reduce water usage. You can program a Weathermatic Smartline SL800 Controller to automatically decrease watering according to the season.

Plants are not under constant stress, nor is it necessarily the season that brings on stress. Its the physical conditions that the seasons bring. The primary stress sources of plants include drought, salinity, over supply of oxygen, extreme heat, extreme cold, water logging, mineral deficiency, mineral toxicity and a few other environmental factors. Using the Weathermatic Smartline SL800 Controller you can program the system to water and irrigate lawns or gardens accurately, not in excess or in dearth.

The Weathermatic Smartline SL800 Controller is easy to use and designed for residential use. This unit features a four zone base model, which is actually expandable to eight zones, with SLM2 two-zone hot swappable modules. This device can be very convenient for homeowners because it frees them from the frustrations of controller programming. That is the biggest advantage here, not just that the unit can offer you controller programming (impressive technology in of itself) but also that the system automatically adjusts the sprinklers every single day, according to the weather.

The reduction of water usage is a big plus, and since the Weathermatic Smartline SL800 Controller is based on evapotranspiration rates, it can replace the plant’s moisture as needed, rather than strictly according to schedule. This handy feature has allowed residents to leave the house for weeks on end and never give any thought to the lawn or landscape during their absence. Some people have also used Smartline SL800 controllers for their commercial property. You can see the tremendous advantage this device would offer property managers, since any water wasting could easily add up to hundreds of dollars a month. Water usage is become a crucial issue, especially since the cost of water is rising.

Another important factor is the reduction or complete elimination of run off and soggy areas. The cycle and run soak function allows the sprinklers to run for five minutes, and then turn off for fifteen (while the water absorbs into the ground) and then another five minutes. Theres also a rain sensor installed that shuts down the typical irrigation process until the ground completely dries out. Soggy areas aside, run-off is a major problem, as this tainted water could eventually make it back to the city water supply. This is why residents must meet local codes in regards to backflow devices. These devices can prevent water from being siphoned back into the water supply.

The Weathermatic Smartline SL800 Controller is a must-have for residents looking to take better care of their lawn or garden.