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Information About Tornado Marathon Floor Equipment

There are three main types of carpet extractors. The first type of carpet extractor is the tank carpet extractor. This type of unit utilizes a large tank in a separate system. The second type of carpet extractor is the self-contained unit. The self-contained unit extractor is one unit that contains both a tank and one unit in one. The third type of carpet extractor is the carpet spotter, it is used for smaller areas and its solution and recovery capacities hold less water and can recover less liquid. The Marathon 800 and 1200 portable extractor’s by Tornado are self-contained units. These portable extractors are built from durable materials and are top of their class. Replacement Tornado parts are easy to find and inexpensive with most repair jobs taking less than two hours. The definition of the ultimate self-contained extractor would be one that is lightweight, has increased solution capacity, and agitation system, and good vacuum recovery, the Tornado Marathon carpet extractor series is all this and more.

The Tornado Marathon 800 extractor comes equipped with an 8 gallon solution and 10 gallon cover a tank. This is standard for a medium size self-contained extractor when compared to its competition. This piece of floor equipment utilizes a cylindrical brush system that agitates the floor with brush speeds up to 900 RPMs. The recovery system on this extractor consists of a 2 hp vacuum order that has more than enough power to recover nearly all solution from the carpet. For good penetration into the carpet fibers the Marathon 800 relies on a 100 psi pump to shoot the extraction liquid into the carpet.

The Tornado Marathon 1200 is modeled after the 800 but boasts a larger solution and recovery tank. The solution tank on the 1200 series has a 12 gallon capacity for clean water and 14 gallon capacity for dirty water. Both carpet extractor’s are easy to maintain and a joy to use.

Both the Marathon 800 and 1200 solution and recovery tanks can be easily accessed from the top of the unit. Each tank has its own separate lid that can be quickly removed to fill up or clean out the tanks. To perform maintenance on the unit, the lead simply unlatch his end for the back to give you easy access to the internal parts of the machine. Once the lid is tipped back all parts such as the vacuum motor and pump accessible. The user controls are friendly and well marked, each button is clearly labeled as to its intended purpose. To drain the machine a simple rubber hose is detached from the back of the unit so it can be dumped down a drain.

Many accessories are available for the Marathon series carpet extractor’s. Some of the available tools are a hand tool for small area cleanup, a crevice detailer tool for auto detailing, an upholstery tool is available for furniture and a large carpet wand is available for larger areas. Using this arsenal of tools you can accomplish any carpet cleaning task. OEM Tornado parts for this machine are easy to find and a relatively inexpensive.

Overall the Tornado Marathon series carpet extractor’s are a great value. The price range for these extractors ranges from $2000-$3000 and is well within market value with its comparable counterparts from other manufacturers. The only other manufacturers to carry comparable carpet extractor’s are NSS, Clarke, Windsor and Tennant.