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Importance Of A Reception Area

A workplace is generally characterized by a sea of people, set of rooms and a lot of furniture. These workplaces generally have a particular set of furniture such as chairs, tables, desks etc of varying sizes and designs complementing the nature of business conducted in the office. But what determines the grandeur of an office is the entrance of the office place which is marked by a reception counter.

Reception counters are of varied designs ranging from trendy long, high and oval counters to more sober rectangular/circular office furniture reception. The person who takes charge of this office furniture reception is called a receptionist who is the first person to represent the office .The reception counters have a wide range of things placed on it necessary to aid the daily work of a receptionist. The essentials range from bare necessities like a telephone, stack of papers, register, a computer, stationery to variable things as momentoes, personal photos etc.

Receptions are hence usually the first point of contact of information for any individual who enters an office. Reception counters vary as per the nature of work. A regular office has an oval wooden reception counter (the size may depend on how big or small an office is); however a salon reception desk is usually stylishly designed reflecting the grandiose of the salon. Reception counters of hospitality industry is further more elaborate making a statement for itself; but an industrial set up has a very casual reception counter basically focusing on fulfilling the basic needs of conveying information regarding the various aspects of the firm.

The importance of reception counter is that its the first entry stop of any workplace wherein all the information required by any person who does not belong to that office. Hence making it all the more important to be designed in a suave stylish and elegant way.