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How To Organize Your Garage With Steel Pegboards

A garage is a tricky place to organize. For one thing, it usually ends up being the place of last resort for all the household junk you cant bear to have in living areas but dont want to get rid of. In older houses the basement is a good place for this stuff, but in newer homes with fully finished basements you need that space for your rec room or childrens bedrooms. The other big problem is that if you want to use a garage for its intended purpose, you do need to make room for the car also! The solution is to use the most space efficient methods available, including steel peg boards for your walls.

Steel peg boards provide mounts for hooks and shelves that use leverage or screws to stay in place. This allows you to use your wall space for storage without wasting too much square footage, as anything you can hang freely will stay close to the wall. Peg boards also allow for flexible storage, as it is fairly simple to remove hooks or shelves. If you need a garage for occasional vehicle storage, this means you can move shelving out of the way quickly.

Aside from surface area, the main limit on using fibrous peg boards is strength. Treated cardboard, wood or particle board pegboards cant safely support heavier weight. You should use these peg boards only for holding lightweight tools, not shelving. Once you realize that you may need a stronger material, you might as well opt for pegboard made from steel.

Heavy duty steel pegboard systems can be used to hang bicycles and other heavy, bulky items. For example, Ironsides Storage Solutions Holey Rail peg boards use extruded instead of cut holes to preserve the full strength of the steel, combined with reinforcement and lock down from peg strappers, the system can support heavy gardening tools and shelves in a variety of easy to set up, easy to take down configurations.

Once you install a steel pegboard system its a simple matter to shelve or hang most of the clutter lying around your garage. It will remain secure and organized, ready for when you need it or in the case of the kind of clutter many of us carry around everywhere the garage, pantry, workplace, utility room the list goes on.