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Healthy Compost For Organic Gardens

The development of organic gardening has evidently been positively influencing the cultivation of plants and its propagation. It is important to respect the balance of nature and in Australia, following the principles that embrace sustainable gardening, farmers are implementing gardening methods that can grow plants and other farm produce free from the use of fertilizers and pesticides which harm natural environment.

The basic requirement for organic gardening to succeed is the use of compost soil. Composting is the procedure by which a healthy compost soil used in organic gardening is achieved. Making your own garden compost is very easy contrary to what most people perceive. You need not look far looking for composters. Start with your own household and garden waste. In this way you also help preserve the environment in Australia. You can use old garbage bins or old wooden crates to pile up you composters. Basically, start with composters that have a combination of nitrogen rich organic materials like fruits and vegetables peeling, leaves and fresh grass clippings. Mix these with carbon rich materials like woody twigs and paper materials. The secret of organic gardening is that harmful insects do not attack healthy plants grown out of compost organic soil. Pests are kept under control. The period for composters to turn into rich compost soil may vary from three weeks to three months depending on the kind of composting ingredients that were used.

One of the most useful gardening tools available in Australia is a rotating composter. It is intended to speed up the composting process that takes only about three to four weeks duration. As in most garden tools invented, a rotating composter is designed to make life easy in organic gardening. Composters are piled in a compost bin which a rotating barrel that is periodically turned, say once or twice a week. Rotating of compost bin is purposely intended to aerate the composter materials and break them down into smaller pieces. This way, composters are quickly degraded thereby speeding up the process of composting. A rotating compost bin is also a labor saving device. You spend less time and effort in turning up the composters while getting rid of the backbreaking task of shoveling the compost pile repeatedly for hours.

Hanging baskets are inexpensive gardening tools that are helpful in organic gardening. Hanging baskets keep the plants aerated because air is coming from all directions allowing the plants to breathe. When working with hanging baskets, compost soil is kept moist without becoming too soaked in water, requires less space in the gardening area while promoting healthy bacteria to keep healthy growing plants.

The efforts of sustainable gardening advocates are now paying-off. The fruits their labor has evidently spread since organic food has swiftly gained international recognition and in Australia, the thrust for organic food production has turned into an industry on its own. Likewise, awareness as to the importance of recycling of organic household garbage into usable components has been gaining recognition worldwide. Organic gardening is a major step towards achieving an eco-friendly livable earth for the future generation to dwell in.