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Generation Gap

Generation gap refers to the differences between the old and the young, which is quite common and influences both the old and the young.

Generally speaking, generation gap results from different understanding and appreciation of the great and constant changes of the world. As for the young, they are likely to regard themselves as old enough to deal with their own business and dont want to be interfered with. On the other hand, parents always want their children to do what they expect. As a result, misunderstandings arise between them.

There are some reasons for the existence of generation gap. First, the environment in which young people now living is quite different from that of their parents’. Therefore, they often hold different opinions on various problems in life. Second, disparity in age also leads to misunderstanding. Young people want to do everything as they like, while older people often can’t help interfering when they think what the young people are doing is wrong. This inevitably leads to disharmony.

To solve this problem, both the young and the old should be encouraged to communicate as often as they can. For one thing, parents must understand that young people are, at least, human beings, too and they have rights to enjoy life and be free in thinking. For another, young people need to make sure that their parents love them and mean to be good to them.

In my opinion, generation gap can be bridged as long as both parents and children are willing to make efforts. They may have an open talk and tell each other what they think about certain problems. They should be considerate enough to realize that each generation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Their openness and consideration probably will result in a much better relationship between parents and children.