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Garden Blowers User Guide For Safe And Courteous Use

A garden blower, popularly known as leaf blowers was originated in Japan in 1960s for dissipating pesticides in the gardens. Then the tool was improvised and turned into a machine for mustering debris. In 70s, leaf blowers along with brush cutters in Berwick were important tools in gardens, as these were labour saving equipped and easy to maintain landscaping. Garden blowers or leaf blowers are still very effective in cleaning leaves, grass clippings and debris from garden or open landscapes such as parking space, sports arena, side-walks etc. Leaf blowers are also very cost-effective and less time consuming.

Primary usage of leaf blowers

A garden blower is a significant tool in the garden, removing debris, grass clippings etc. Some of the important usages of leaf blower are:

It removes and collecting leaves.
It also eliminates grass clippings
It removes tangled grass from the garden and gives a smoother look
It is used in various landscapes such as parking lots, side-walks, construction sites etc.
It is also widely used in farm and construction equipment
During winter, it can be used as a tool to remove fluffy snow
It removes debris from pavement
Many people also use it as to clean rain gutters.

What are types of leaf blowers

Leaf blowers are categorized into two types: hand-held and backpack models. These blowers are powered by a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine and work on the vacuum principle. The tool also depends on the applications, so in the market you can find various types of leaf blowers.

Earlier blowers were not designed for residential purpose, so they were extremely clamorous. These days, blowers are quieter and efficient.

General rules for using leaf blowers

Before you use your blower, read the instruction manual carefully. Like Brush Cutter repairs Berwick, chainsaw assembly repair and other garden tools, there is also DIY guide available to repair your leaf blower if it is not working properly. You can also contact your manufacturer and call for help if the machine is in guarantee period. Some simple rules are:

Children should be kept outside from this machine.
Do not put the mouth of the blower to the direction of your pet of humans.
Keep people at least 50 feet away from the blower.
It is recommended not to use the blower if you are ill or intoxicated.
Garden blowers are meant for large open areas, so don’t use it indoor.
Understand your blower properly before you use it.
Do not try to modify it if you are not confident how to fix it.
Do not use the blower while standing on a ladder, rooftop or unstable surface.

Safety tips of your leaf blower

Wear protective gears such as goggles, non-slip gloves and sturdy shoes.
In dusty weather, always wear a dust mask.
Tie back your long hair while cleaning
Use the right type of fuel mix.
Always turn off and cool before refueling your blower. To relieve pressure in the tank, slowly release the cap of your blower.
Do not use your leaf blower to disperse fertilizers, chemicals or other toxic materials unless your machine is specifically designed for it.
Always clean up with lowest possible throttle.