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Field of Dreams Not a Social Media Marketing Strategy

OK, so you’ve been resisting, dragging your feet, making excuses
and digging in your heels because you just do NOT want to add another
item to your ‘to-do’ list or ‘to-learn’ list, or maybe you’ve made your
best efforts at ‘doing your own’ social media for your interior design
business and nothing has come of it.

When I hear interior
designers say that they’ve tried to do their own social media marketing
and it just doesn’t work… I liken it to hearing them say “I
reupholstered my client’s couch myself and it just didn’t come out very
good. So I don’t think offering upholstery is a good idea. It just
doesn’t look good.” Yikes!

As a business owner there just aren’t
enough hours in the day to check out every brand spanking new idea,
phenomenon, and shiny new marketing technique that comes around the
pike. However, the fact of the matter is… in today’s business arena,
it’s simply impossible for one person to carry out all the tasks that
are required to stay in business today. So it may be time to face up to
the fact that social media marketing is here to stay, and outsourcing it
is the way to go.

So what’s the big deal? I’m guessing you
already ‘outsource’ in your interior design business. For instance… do
you do your own bookkeeping? Do you lay the carpet for your clients?
What about installing the cabinets? When you think of ‘outsourcing’…
instead why not think of it as subcontracting? I mean really… you hire
someone already to help you with the things you don’t or can’t do
now… why not do that with your social media marketing? Especially if
it will bring in new business?!

Do you remember that Kevin Costner
baseball movie “Field of Dreams”? It coined the popular phrase…
“Build It and They Will Come” Well, that’s the mindset many designers
have today when it comes to marketing their interior design business.
It’s important to realize that is a Hollywood fantasy. However, that
fantasy could easily be adjusted to one that is more relevant for
business today… “Build your social media presence and they will
come… in droves!” Now, it may not be next week, but come they will,
provided you get out there and make your presence known.

The days of static web sites are over. Therefore,
unless you build an effective and consistent Social Media marketing
strategy that engages with your clients and keeps your website
continually updated… unfortunately, you will be left behind. This is
where outsourcing (or subcontracting) your social media marketing can
not only get you started but can also take over the ongoing monthly
requirements, leaving you free to do what you are best at… Interior
Design! Some say it takes a leap of faith to put someone else in charge,
but since you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself, there
really isn’t much of a leap, now is there?

So what can Social
Media really do for your Interior Design business? Social media ensures
that you are visible to clients and prospects. It gives you a chance to
prove you know your stuff, you know what you’re talking about and it
builds trust. And in today’s realm, oftentimes you’ll need a boat load
of trust to get someone to purchase your interior design services!

if you’re unable to do it yourself then you must get someone else to do
it for you. Setting up your social media marketing strategy and its’
implementation will shine the spotlight on you, increase your reach, and
build trust and credibility. It also shows your prospective clients
that you not only mean business but that you are more than qualified to
complete their projects… beautifully!