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Exhibits Q&a The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Types Of Exhibits And Displays

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pop-up exhibits?

Pop-up displays are fairly lightweight and compact. They can be folded into one or two cases. These displays are also easy to set up.

Pop-up displays offer little in the way of flexibility, however. Because the frame must be fully opened to be stable, users cannot adjust the frame to fit smaller or larger spaces.

* What are the advantages and disadvantages of panel displays?

A panel display usually uses a rectangular portion forming a lifted, recessed, or bordered part of the surface in which it is set. Usually the trader or the show coordinator uses a thin wooden board for vertical section of fabric.

The advantages of the panel display are that it presents some flexibility, economically, and will require little time.

Panel displays have divisions and folding panels that can be rearranged into different styles and designs. This will allow the industry of the trader to make use of the same show for different demonstration experiences.

Another disadvantage of panel display is that many people are needed for set-up.

* What are the advantages and disadvantages of frameless exhibit?

One of the most high-quality advantages that frameless exhibits offer is that it usually combines with the lightweight package. A frameless exhibit is very light is not a burden to transpor. The trader/exhibitor will not require extra hands to set up, which translates to fewer labor costs. Furthermore, the trader/exhibitor will not pay extra for the shipping.

This kind of exhibit is also very basic and simple. It is also good for certain kinds of visual products.

On the other hand, frameless exhibits have a design that is not compatible with photo products. Frameless exhibits are not ideal for supporting the weight directly. You will need to be very careful in order to have a nice set up for the frameless exhibit using the frameless exhibit method. Accidents can cause damage to the photos; it may turn upside down or collapse. If the trader/exhibitor will use this, he will need extra effort to supply support for the exhibit.

* What are the advantages and disadvantages of tabletop displays?

Tabletop displays are more trade friendly because they are so easy to set up. Tabletop displays are also very welcomed for transporting. They are very easy to assemble and disassemble on a moment’s notice. A tabletop design can also be formed and twisted by using the smaller parts of the display. By implementing this strategy, it can be folded into smaller or larger pieces. It is also easier to piece together text and other displayed items compared to other forms of displays.

On the other hand, the tabletop display is limited in where it can be displayed. It could force you to minimize your boundaries and design borders, and it will reduce available tabletop space. Having a limited viewing space could limited your number of viewers and you will have a perimeter for your products.

Remember that the reason you have an exhibit is to promote your products and your company exposure for the business.