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Decorating with Artificial Greenery

Using artificial greenery around your home is a no-brainer if you are looking to decorate without all the work of keeping up with live plants. Silk plans are perfect for any busy professional because they can add a lot of color and unique ideas for your home decorating. Artificial greenery has improved over the years in both quality and design, meaning these silk plants look just like the real thing. By following some simple guidelines for decorating with artificial greenery you will have a unique and sophisticated look to your home.

A unique idea for decorating with artificial greenery is to include some silk plants on your wall. Live plants are impractical on the wall but artificial greenery is the perfect choice to compliment wall art. Hang some art and adorn the canvas with some scattered silk plants that can be adhered to the sides or even background. If you’re feeling extra creative you can even create a canvas with some blended colors yourself and include the artificial greenery inside the canvas.

Artificial greenery is a must for any room in your home but especially in your kitchen. Using silk plants can soften counter corners and add a fresh look to the room. You can also place some silk plants above large cabinets. Taller silk plants can make the perfect divider between rooms, like the living room and dining room. Artificial greenery works very well on bookshelves. Find silk plants that can spill over the edges for a rustic look to your den or living room.

Decorating with silk plants works well in the dining room as well. Find some centerpieces that will take your breath away and combine some of the silk plants with flowers. In the bathroom artificial greenery can be a perfect decoration for a corner or to place over a toilet or above shelves or cabinets. In the bedroom use artificial greenery as a replacement for real plants and mix and match a few artificial greenery items with some flowers for extra color.

Floral Home Decor is proud to offer a large collection of artificial greenery for any room in your home. At Floral Home Decor we are always working on new silk plants creations for you. We’re sure to have the right artificial greenery for your needs. For more information on our silk plants and to view our full catalog please connect with us on Pinterest at