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Decorating Ideas For Office Space

Residential or commercial property prices for Koramangala are steep. The locality has all the important points of conveniences. Hospitals, schools and educational institutes, shopping centers and malls, banks and important public offices feature in this locality. Mostly cosmopolitan in nature, the locality has a good mix of residential complexes and commercial structures. Buying an office space in Koramanagala means good business.
The fast-paced business requires a modern office, which has all the important machines, and office stationary. However, this does not mean that it should look boring and dull. Decorate your office beautifully with bright colors, plants or good lighting effect. Moreover, if you have invested in an office space in Koramangala, a busy commercial locality, then it becomes all the more important to decorate in an attractive way.
You can decorate your office space in Koramangala in many ways. Apply these decorating ideas to brighten up the area you spend around 45 hours per week. These decorating ideas will transform the stale office environment into a cheerful welcoming place. By improving your office space, you are most likely improving your production. Even small changes now and then will create a big impact in the overall dcor of the office space.
Given below are some interesting office decorating tips; follow them and notice the change they bring to your posh office.
Tip 1:
Water: the elixir of life
Add water features to your office space. It can be an aquarium or a small fountain at one corner. There are many types of water fountains available in the market, select one that goes well with the office corner. Keep it at the entrance or near the reception. A fountain that makes a soft gurgling sound gives a welcoming feel to entire set-up. Aquarium is another great addition to dcor of the office. For easy maintenance, choose a freshwater fish tank, which is easy to clean and maintain. If you can invest on maintenance, salt-water tank is good.
Tip 2:
Go environment friendly
Infusion of greenery inside the office is another good way decorating the office space. Plants are a great addition to any space, and if office has some greenery, it will give a natural feel to the entire set up. Small potted plant at the corner of your office desk will give a good feel. In addition, you could add plants in the office cafeteria and meeting rooms. The corner of staircase and lobby areas also cheers up with addition of plants.
Tip 3:
Go creative
Another good way to spruce up you office space is to install art work in the walls. Use bright beautiful art to add color to the office walls. Mostly office walls use white or yellow wall paint. Addition of beautiful paintings will give color and design to the entire set up. Also you can frame pictures of office workers and add them to the wall add a personality to your office.