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Curtains Of Indian Flavor To Decorate Your Home

Curtains play an important role in enhancing the look of the home. There are a variety of designs available in the market but the best ones are those which suit your home. Indian fabric curtains are the flavor of the season and you would do well to get some for your home as well.
Indian fabric has always been in the news across the globe. Whether it is the handloom silk from Madhya Pradesh or the exotic dal bandhni work from the land of deserts, Jodhpur, you always have a wide variety to pick up from. You can mix and match Moga silk and tussar silk for a surreal old world charm look. Spanning from simple handloom cotton to exotic silk, economical to expensive curtains, the list goes on.
Enhance the look of your curtains and add a tinge of very Indian glamour to your home. Here are some personalized ideas, tried and tested successfully.

Flamboyant Earthy Tones
If you are an ardent fan of earthy tones, the tribal spun silk of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are your answers. Subtle shades of silk spun on hand looms will create magic in your home.
If an air of flamboyance is the way you like to project yourself, regional mirror work is just your type. Mirror work gives a bright exterior to the dullest areas like the study and even the balcony. Get small sized mirror work done on the curtains while you are getting them custom made on order.
For lighter fabric like chiffon or net, heavy work can be recommended provided the fabric doesnt get torn.
The idea comes from the stunningly beautiful Indian saris. If it can look good in the form of a sari, curtains made from saris will definitely spruce up the entire surrounding. The idea is to give your home a mystic look.

Online Shopping With A Global Touch

If you hate to step out for shopping, get the world at your feet. Or better still, at your fingertips.

There are online websites that sell all kinds of curtains spanning from silk to exotic cotton. Dupion silk curtains are in vogue. The high quality yet economical exhaustive collection will leave you gasping for more.

If you wish to add further panache to your curtains, similar shade sequin work is the way to be. Mix and match is the latest trend as bright colors lifts up the mood of the room.

Ensure the valences are either completely matching, or are in contrast with the curtain shades. You can go for the pastel shades combination like pink and peach, golden and off white et al. Do not combine two similar shades for the curtains and valences as it will ruin the look.

With dupion silk curtains, recreating the Indian grandeur at your home is just no hassle. So think no more, and go ahead to redecorate your home at a very reasonable cost.