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Creating The Perfect Atmosphere In Your Retail Store

In a competitive shopping market it is vital to your business not only to attract customers, but to keep them coming back. Lets face it, no one is being mandated to spend money in your store. However, by creating the right atmosphere you will be able to ensure that your customers will keep coming back, hopefully with friends. Here are a few tips for achieving that irresistible atmosphere for your store.

Create Your Stores Identity

First and foremost you need to determine your stores personality and the clientele you are trying to attract. People like places with a distinct style that appeals to them. Imagine your ideal customer, what would they like? Would they like to shop somewhere eclectic and funky or somewhere sleek and modern? Once you pinpoint the type of personality you would like to give your store you can move on to building that perfect atmosphere.

Its All In the Details

After you have decided on the feel that youd like your store to have its important to select fixtures and details that speak to that aesthetic. Investing in key pieces such as furniture, lighting and wall color that reflect your stores style will not go unnoticed by your customers. If you are trying to achieve an artsy and trendy space, go with vibrant colors on the walls like a bright green or blue. Pair that with vintage furniture and eclectic details like an oddly shaped mirror or pictures and paintings with unique frames. Unexpected details like a shag floor rug or mis-matched shelving is sure to draw in a funky crowd! If your ideal store is more modern and upscale, opt for strong, solid colors on the walls like a deep red or cool steely grey. Sleek furniture with clean lines and bold details like a striking light fixture or brushed chrome flower decanters will likely attract the crowd you are aiming for. Putting in the time to pay attention to the little details as well as picking out the perfect fixtures will speak volumes to your customers and will make them want to come back.

Sounds for Success

Just like the look of your store, the sound coming out of it can do just as much to attract or repel customers. If you are going to play music, keep it at a volume that is reasonable. Who wants to shop somewhere that they feel the need to wear earplugs? Also, consider the type of music that your target demographic wants to listen to. Older and more sophisticated clientele will appreciate soft rock and easy going jazz. Whereas a younger and more fun-loving crowd will be drawn to chart topping hits and funky indie music picks. Always keep your customers desires in mind when making your music selections.

The Face Of Your Store

No matter all of the elements you incorporate into your business, the key factor to its success is its staff. They are the face of your store! It goes without saying that your employees should be well trained and customer service oriented. Take into consideration the image that you want them to project. Uniforms are not necessarily required, but it is wise to enforce a strict dress code. You dont want your employees inappropriate dress to be what stands out in your store.
As you begin the process of creating the perfect atmosphere in your store, remember to stay true to your vision. You will know you are done when everything in your store seems to feel just right. Pay attention to the feedback from your customers in case there are any major adjustments that need to be made, or anything that definitely seems to be working. Working to maintain the atmosphere that is most appealing to your customer base will help to ensure your businesss success.