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Cost Effective, Durable Graco Lauren Crib

Purchasing baby furniture requires a lot of serious thinking by parents. Furniture needs to be safe and secure most importantly. Quality, colors, designs all come later. Garco is a reputable name in baby products and with them all you need to do is to pick a design as per your requirements without worrying about anything else.

Lauren crib by Graco is the best of its kind. It is not very difficult to assemble the crib based on the instructions given. The crib has room that baby will feel more than comfortable while lying in it. For lady of the house the most important thing is that color of the crib suits well with any kind of house decoration.

You may want to check out the options for yourself and in general there is nothing wrong with it. However considering the bed will serve your kid for 3 good years at least the quality and cost are more than adequate. Graco Lauren Crib in Espresso color is arguably the best color because it is stylish of course and the color makes it appropriate to place with any kind of furniture settings at home.

Graco Lauren crib reputation hit it low a cople of years ago when the design flaws generated many disgruntled customers so much so that they had to recall the entire stock. However good companies learns from their mistakes and Graco people have done a good job as now the Lauren crib are as durable as anything after the design errors were corrected.

The decision to recall might have hit the Graco badly financially at first, however in the long run it is proving rather sensible one. Graco was able to gain back customer trust and got the rare second opportunity to improve their product by making it more stable and durable.

If you do the simple cost benefit analysis you will find that Graco crib is a real good investment. You could use it for 3 to 4 years easily and with the cost around $150 your money is very well spent. Graco crib lasts very long and it is very easy to pack it back for temporary storage and transporting it is also very easy. Crib is not offered with covers and mattress so you have to purchase them separately. You have to rush into the purchase decision after deciding the color of the crab as due to high demand you may have to wait for next consignment if the store is all out of your chosen color. Overall Graco cribs are best deal in town providing you quality and innovative designs along with being cost effective.