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Cochlear implants in Bangalore replace conventional hearing aids

Cochlear implant is a device that restores hearing ability by providing electrical stimulation to the hearing nerve in the inner part of the ear. It is greatly effective for those patients who do not receive any benefit from the conventional hearing aids.

How do specialists decide who is best suited for it?

Doctors that carryout Cochlear implants in Bangalore study the case history in detail before arriving at any decision. If the patient has profound to severe loss of hearing in both years or there is not much improvement in hearing in spite of using hearing aids, then cochlear implant may be the best solution. Of course, doctors study medical history to ensure fast recovery. When hearing loss happens after language and speech development, cochlear implant can bring miracles. In the case of young patients, doctors look at the willingness of the kid and parents to take efforts for speech therapy.

Cochlear implant: The modus operandi

Once a patient gets admission to a hospital offering Cochlear implants in Bangalore, it is sure that he or she will step-in to the wonderful world of hearing. However, the journey is quite eventful where doctors and patients need to show great patience and dedication. AS mentioned above, doctors carry out a series of tests first to determine the suitability.

If a patient is suitable for the surgical process, then he or she has to undergo further rounds of investigations like X-ray, MRI, and counseling. The patients are explained about the process, and expectations are set at practical grounds. They are told about the extent of support required for success of it. Surgical process is quite simple and usually performed in OPD. An overnight stay is required for post-operative follow-up.

Post-operative process

After 4 to 6 weeks, patient has to visit the hospital for external fitting. A microphone and speech processor is installed, and the implant is activated. The process requires various rounds of tuning; adjusting and reprogramming, and it may take a few weeks or months to get adjusted fully. After that, annual visits are scheduled for follow-up.

Those who have an experience of hearing earlier get a few months to adjust with the sounds coming through the implant. Those who are hearing for the first-time need to understand the meaning of it. An extensive training by audiologists, speech therapists, linguistic experts, and counselors make the journey easy. Cochlear implants in Bangalore become popular for complete hearing restoration.

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