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Basic Knowledge About The Difference Between Oak And Rubber Wood

Have you found the furniture made from oak? In fact, you should be more careful because some of them are the fake oak, which is the rubber wood instead. If you are not careful, in most cases, you would be fooled by the furniture salesmen. In the following article, I will introduce the difference between oak and rubber wood.

Rubber wood furniture are always made from the rubber wood as raw material, which is often grown in the Southeast Asian. As is known to all, rubber wood will produce the rubber in the early time, however, if they are unable to produce the rubber, they would be cut away and then used as the raw material of furniture. In general, the quality of rubber wood is only medium.

As for the oak furniture, it is the furniture made from the American oak as raw material. As usual, the American oak has the hard character and beautiful wood texture. Furniture made from American oak are always the top grade furniture with high price. In general, it would be four or five times than the rubber wood furniture.

If you take a small piece of the cross section from oak and rubber wood to observe with hand lens. If the pore is thick and loosen with nets design wood ray, it must be the rubber wood. On the other hands, if the pore is small with beautiful wood ray, it must be the oak, sometimes it is the tree-like design while sometimes it is the palm design.

As for consumers, if you are planning to buy oak furniture or rubber wood furniture, the easy way is to check the wood character. If the wood character is hard and you feel very heavy when placing at hands, it must be the oak furniture, at the same time, it seems that it is so difficult to plunge one nail into it. On the other hands, if you feel soft and light when placing at hands, it must be the rubber wood furniture.

Nowadays in the furniture market, too many so-called oak furniture are in fact made from rubber wood furniture because of the large cost difference between such two different furniture raw material. meanwhile, lots of customer dont have the basic knowledge to distinguish the difference between them, as a result, too many of them are tricked when buying oak furniture. After reading the article introduced above, right now can you have the ability to distinguish them.