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Using Cork For The Basement Flooring

Picking the correct flooring solution for a basement’s able to be an intimidating task. This is because of the natural and ecological elements of basements. It’s prevalent for all basements to have high of humidity and moisture levels, which give rise to mold and mildew. Basements happen to also be a great space for pests to wander and make themselves at home. Those seeking a solution apart from concrete for their basement flooring might find cork flooring to be the right option.

Cork floors aren’t appropriate for a basement that isn’t level or gets flooded

The majority of such issues must be addressed anyway as any flooring style can be influenced by them. A basement that isn’t level might be difficult to correctly lay cork floor tiles / planks on. Depending on your basement floor’s composition you might wish to level it. Basements having a tendency of flooding during rains aren’t perfect for cork. In spite of being resistant to dampness, cork’s going to be damaged on being left in standing sewage / runoff water.

Advantages of using cork for basement flooring

Cork is ideal for flooring a basement that does not flood and is level. Primarily cork’s a renewable, natural, eco-friendly product. So really, you will not be doing any harm to the environment on installing this in the basement. A lot of cork’s natural properties also make it the ideal basement flooring solution. Cork, because of Suberin is anti-moisture, anti-mold, anti-mildew and anti-pests. This suggests that high levels of humidity cannot harm such floors and they’ll hold out against the growth of mold & mildew.

You’ll also find cork to be fairly comfortable and charming to walk and rest on. This is because of its honeycomb cellular makeup. These cells trap gas to give cushion to the cork when you walk /rest on. This moreover makes cork a grand insulation matter. This implies that in during the cold winter times cork will not let the cold sub-floor temperatures from sneaking into a basement.

Cork’s also extremely durable, and is able to last a life span.

Discount cork flooring for ones on a tight budget

All those who’re on a tight budget can opt for discount cork flooring, which is generally available as not every manufacturer is able to sell off the complete stock, bringing about an inventory clearance sale. Consequently, the extra supply is sold at lesser prices and at considerable discounts. Thus, purchasers get the advantage of cost while not having to compromise on quality.

To know more on cork as a basement flooring solution go through the several cork flooring reviews that you’ll find online.

Tips Memperbaiki Talang Karpet – Ada beberapa penyebab talang karpet dirumah anda rusak, Itu biasa terjadi karena lapuk, digerogoti tikus, atau permukaan dasar karpet tajam dan kotor. talang karpet yang dimaksud adalah saluran air diatap yang menggunakan atau ditutup alas karpet plastik.

Jika talang karpet rusak, sebaiknya segera perbaiki. Kalau tidak, air hujan bisa merembes ke dalam rumah dan merusak elemen bangunan dibawahnya. Lebih parah lagi, air menetes atau mengucur kedalam ruangan.

Langkah perbaikan talang karpet berawal dari mencari biang keladi masalah. Talang lapuk umumnya disebabkan oleh usia, karpet talang rata – rata lapuk pada tahun kelima pemasangan. Ini karena perubahan cuaca, dari panas ke dingin atau sebaliknya, yang berlangsung terus menerus akibatnya, karpet mengeras getas dan lapuk.

Faktor penyebab lainnya adalah gigitan tikus dan proses pemasangan awal yang tidak sempurna. Keduanya berpotensi membuat karpet berlubang alias bolong – bolong. Gigitan tikus meninggalkan bekas yang nyata, lain halnya dengan proses pemasangan yang tidak sempurna. Kotoran berupa serpihan kayu, atau tonjolan paku pada rangka penyangga talang bisa melubangi karpet jika talang tirinjak.

Tips langkah – langkah sebelum melakukan perbaikan:

Lakukan perbaikan (mengganti keseluruhan karpet talang) pada cuaca cerah. ini untuk menghindari masalah lebih besar, yakni tercurahnya air hujan langsung ke plafon dan atau ruang dibawahnya. Jika harus mengganti keseluruhan karpet talang saat cuaca mendung atau hujan, gunakan terpal menutup nok(puncak atap) hingga ke bagian talang. Pilih karpet talang yang berkualitas, yang tebal dan tak mudah retak atau getas. biasanya talang karpet dijual dalam bentuk gulungan, beli lah karpet yang sesuai dengan panjang talang. Hindari menyambung karpet karena berpotensi bocor. Gunakan paku seng (paku berpayung) untuk merekatkan karpet ke rangka kayu atau tembok, jika ingin mejepit karpet dengan semen, sebaiknya tambahkan pemberat berupa satu susun batu bata diatas karpet, lalu plester dengan semen.

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Energy Savings and Energy Star rating on Appliances

What is an Energy Star rating on Appliances?

Shopping for major appliances can be nerve-wracking, particularly when you consider that most household appliances, from refrigerators to dishwashers and garbage disposals, should keep humming for the next 10 to 20 years. In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took one part of the worry away. Thats when the governmental group launched Energy Star, a program that singles out appliances that use fewer environmental resources and cost you less to operate. Today, you can spot an Energy Star label on more than just appliances. Office products, building materials, lighting and electronics all carry the logo.

Energy Savings Energy Star appliances are about 20% more energy efficient than ones without the rating. That makes a difference. According to the EPA, in 2009, Energy Star alliances helped Americans save nearly $17 billion on their utility bills. Whats more, using less electricity, which comes from processing coal and natural gasand contributes to greenhouse gases, prevented a significant amount of those environmental hazards from entering the atmospherethe equivalent of taking 30 million cars off the road. Energy Star labels arent difficult to read. Most have a rating that shows how many kilowatt-hours (kWhs) per year the appliance is expected to use. When shopping for a new appliance, look for the lowest number, which means fewer kWhs and more energy efficiency. As a bonus, some Energy Star appliances, such as hot water heaters and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, qualify for a federal tax credit, which puts even more money in your pocket.

How a product earns an Energy Star label Keep in mind, that Energy Star labels assess energy efficiency, not every aspect of performance. An ice maker on a non-Energy Star refrigerator, for example, could work better than one with the government seal. But what you can be assured from an Energy Star appliance is that it has met or exceeded some strict standards of efficiency set up by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy.

At the bare minimum, an Energy Star appliance must provide significant energy savings and be as high-performing as other appliances of its kind. If the Energy Star appliance has a higher sticker price than unlabeled models, it has to prove that you will recoup your investment through savings on your utility bill. And all Energy Star appliances have to prove, via testing, that they actually are energy efficient.

In addition, every type of appliance has individual benchmarks it must meet. For instance, Energy Star dishwashers can use no more than 5.8 gallons of water per cycle, while refrigerators must be 15% more energy efficient than federal standards. One appliance you wont see an Energy Star label on is clothes dryers. Currently, all dryers in the U.S. use just about the same amount of energy so theres no need to compare models.

Features Of Different Types Of Dvd Storage Furniture

DVD storage furniture is very essential in today’s multimedia age and is necessary for those who want to manage their CDs and DVDs properly. Shopping for a reliable storage furnishing need not be a mundane chore. Buying online is an great means to find the right furnishing for your needs, as you can eye on various products in considerably less time and even lesser effort. But if you’re that hands-on type of buyer, of course going to the nearest furniture maybe a wiser choice.

DVD storage furniture is an essential commodity nowadays. Keeping your DVDs and CDs in a structured and organized fashion will free the house from all kinds of clutter that most working people have to live in. Today’s culture which is widely dependant on optical media, DVD storage cabinet is quite popular. As the price of DVDs have reduced considerably, our collection of DVDs have gone up. But, with increase in the number of DVDs the space required to store them also becomes huge, therefore DVD rack or storage furniture is now part of your investment portfolio.

You can opt from the wide collection of storage cabinets available in the market. A cabinet made up of a mixture of glass and wood is although quite traditional but is also very trendy. Glass gives out a form of elegance in furniture and is very easy to clean up when compared to other materials. It gives out a classy look after getting cleaned. But, be careful in putting the right number of DVDs in the cabinet as although glass is strong but do not stretch it by putting on more weights than it can bear.

You can find DVD storage units made of wood and glass combination comes in two different forms; one which has wooden shelves and doors made up of glass and the other one has shelves made of glass while the sides are made of wood. Both are easily good in terms of aesthetics but the first one owing to the presence of a door provides better protection against dust and any other foreign objects.

Another smart and innovative variation in storage furniture is a storage unit with swivel base which allows you to go through your collection by rotating the unit. It also requires less space when compared to a storage unit which is cabinet or shelf type. You can purchase one which fits in your room’s corner as is of the same height as your side table or it can also have your height. But, it would be difficult to find a unit which will match with your existing house theme, especially if it is of Victorian theme or similar to it. Mostly you will find storage units that matches with contemporary designs.

If you are looking for unique styles, you can browse through the internet for DVD storage furniture that are especially made by artists. Creative artists make use of various materials such as metal and ceramics to create a different style. A DVD storage furniture like these are usually made to order and are one of a kind. These are the ones which you could use as not only for storage but also as highlight in your living room.

Chakla Belan & Plastic Containers Become Kitchen Decor Items

Our life depends upon many small sized articles that we use daily but we hardly notice their importance. Everyone uses variety of plastic containers for varying purposes. Similarly, chakla belan is essential for every Indian kitchen. Plastic containers facilitate us to keep various eatables and other essential small sized goods in well arranged manner.

When we approach the stores to buy kitchen good, we come across wide range of chakla belan also. Until few decades before, these were made only from wood. But now these are made in variety of materials like marble and plastic. According to Indian tradition, wooden chakla and belan are considered good because wood is considered more human friendly. But the ladies, who are more specific about the aesthetic appeal of their kitchen, like marble chakla. These look beautiful and come in variety of colors and sizes. These are fragile if fall from heights while wooden one lasts long. However, wooden chakla is more prone to dents if we use these to crush something over it.

Belans are essential to make chapatis evenly plane and better shaped, are generally made of wood. Some stores offer that is made of plastic also. These are stronger than plastic ones. Selection depends upon personal liking. As chakla and belan both are low cost units, so you can change these anytime.

The other important item that is found in every Indian kitchen is plastic containers. These are used to store pulses and spices. These come in variety of sizes and shapes. Round or rectangular shaped containers are more popular. Ladies prefer air tight containers because these keep the eatables safe for longer period. You may get these in , , 1, 1 & or more capacities. As these are made of plastic, so these should be kept away from the paces that may have high temperature.

Some manufacturers offer plastic containers made of sub-grade plastic to reduce the cost. Avoid to use such containers. When your eatables remain in the contact of sub-grade plastic, taste and smell may get affected. Smart ladies prefer to buy plastic containers, which are in recyclable category.

Duster Clothes

With around 7000 looms and 13000 weavers operating here, Bijnore cluster is the prime nucleus for products like Duster cloths, Home furnishing, and Dress materials. The Bijnore handloom cluster is stretched across a length of 60 km and breadth of 40 km. About 20% of the total production is supplied to Delhi based exporters like Fab India, All India Handloom Board & other major exporters through middle-men. The rest is sold in the domestic market at Naogaon, Sadat, Nahtore, Sheohara, Dhampur and Kath etc. had an exclusive interview with Mr. Raman Shiv Kumar, CDP Officer of Bijnore Handloom Cluster, in which he threw light on Initiatives of Government by saying that, The IHCDP is being implemented in 20 handloom clusters across the country. This is a project of DCHL and started in the year 2006. Various implementing agencies have been appointed by DCHL for implementing this project. At the first instance an extensive baseline survey was conducted in all these clusters by the individual implementing agencies. This was followed by SWOT analysis based on which action plans are prepared for each cluster. The government has allocated rupees two crore for each cluster. The implementing agency gets the action plan approved by the APEX committee and the funds are sanctioned accordingly. This is a four year project and every year a fresh action plan is prepared and implemented. The important elements of the action plan are Marketing, Design development, and training, Technology up gradation, Infrastructure development and strengthening of association.”

Features of the cluster

The handloom industry provides direct and indirect employment opportunity to approx.15000 workers. Around 99% weavers of the region are Ansari Muslim. Earning per loom/household is approximate `1500 per month. The average weavers’ family size per household is 7 persons. Children between age group 12 to 15 are also working to help the family. Literacy among the weavers is 38%. Females also participate in operating the handlooms. The turnover of the cluster is approximately `16 crore.

Bijnore is well-known for mulmul and duster cloth. The mulmul was a very cheap quality product initially, and was being purchased in bulk by traders for making bandage cloth. With novelty in thoughts and attempts of the designer the same mulmul looms are now producing scarves in stripe designs. There is a good demand for these scarves since they are cheap and at the same time attractive.

Hand block printing has been introduced in the cluster as a value addition bustle. Already two training programs have been conducted till now which hopes to provide a good response in the cluster. People with a slightest of creativity and an inadequate investment can easily start commercial hand block printing. There is a very good demand for ladies dress material and bed spreads with hand block printing especially the ones printed with releasing techniques.

New Initiatives

Five wheel take up motion has been installed in 20 handlooms at Bijnor handloom cluster. By installing five wheel take up motion all the defects can be avoided and the time lost in the tedious and slow operations can be saved. It has provided better quality handloom fabric as well as an increased production by 25 to 30%. Shirting fabrics of 2/40s x 20s quality are normally produced in these types of looms. A weaver can produce 12 mtrs of fabric per day in a handloom without five wheel take up motion. Where as the same weaver can produce 15 to 16mtrs of fabric in the same loom with five wheels take up motion. Mr. Kumar states on the Intervention Scheme that,” The scheme has initiated the development of new designs and products by Designer, new market linkages, exposure to domestic and export markets, skill up gradation, enhancement of wages, good manufacturing practices and improvement in quality, etc.


Introduction of regular buyers of scarves and stoles who place bulk orders.
Introduction of Block printing so that people with little creativity and investment can easily help weavers to start hand blocks printing commercially. Training is also provided to them for that.
Bijnor is famous for mulmul and duster cloth. With a tinch of innovation and attempts on the part of weavers have helped mulmul looms to produce scarves in stripe designs. There is a good demand for these scarves since they are cheap and at the same time attractive.
Highly efficient and cost effective techniques used for production.
The SPV has purchased the land of worth `10, 00, 000/- for the CFC and dye house.

Cochlear implants in Bangalore replace conventional hearing aids

Cochlear implant is a device that restores hearing ability by providing electrical stimulation to the hearing nerve in the inner part of the ear. It is greatly effective for those patients who do not receive any benefit from the conventional hearing aids.

How do specialists decide who is best suited for it?

Doctors that carryout Cochlear implants in Bangalore study the case history in detail before arriving at any decision. If the patient has profound to severe loss of hearing in both years or there is not much improvement in hearing in spite of using hearing aids, then cochlear implant may be the best solution. Of course, doctors study medical history to ensure fast recovery. When hearing loss happens after language and speech development, cochlear implant can bring miracles. In the case of young patients, doctors look at the willingness of the kid and parents to take efforts for speech therapy.

Cochlear implant: The modus operandi

Once a patient gets admission to a hospital offering Cochlear implants in Bangalore, it is sure that he or she will step-in to the wonderful world of hearing. However, the journey is quite eventful where doctors and patients need to show great patience and dedication. AS mentioned above, doctors carry out a series of tests first to determine the suitability.

If a patient is suitable for the surgical process, then he or she has to undergo further rounds of investigations like X-ray, MRI, and counseling. The patients are explained about the process, and expectations are set at practical grounds. They are told about the extent of support required for success of it. Surgical process is quite simple and usually performed in OPD. An overnight stay is required for post-operative follow-up.

Post-operative process

After 4 to 6 weeks, patient has to visit the hospital for external fitting. A microphone and speech processor is installed, and the implant is activated. The process requires various rounds of tuning; adjusting and reprogramming, and it may take a few weeks or months to get adjusted fully. After that, annual visits are scheduled for follow-up.

Those who have an experience of hearing earlier get a few months to adjust with the sounds coming through the implant. Those who are hearing for the first-time need to understand the meaning of it. An extensive training by audiologists, speech therapists, linguistic experts, and counselors make the journey easy. Cochlear implants in Bangalore become popular for complete hearing restoration.

Lifestyle is one of the major hearing aids centers which provide cochlear implants in Bangalore, speech therapy, tinnitus treatment etc at affordable costs.

Make your Party Celebration Gilt-edged and Smashing with Feathers

Parties are great way to express one’s joyous feeling in a differentiating manner. These can be organized by people to celebrate different moments of life, for example, birthday, marriage, housewarming, graduation day, farewell, to name a few. Party can also be organized and celebrated on special occasions and religious events like Christmas, New Year, Easter, and many more. To celebrate their best and memorable moments of life, people choose different places to organize party that may include restaurants, hotels, gardens, home living area, etc., and decorate them with eye-catching and alluring things. Flowers, candles, ribbons, and now feathers are the most popular items to decorate the party venue.

Natural flower decoration not only adds beauty and attraction to the place, but also makes the environment fragrant. Variety of natural flowers in different colors is used to decorate the party place in beauteous manner. Similar to flowers, candles of different types and sizes and colorful ribbons add glory to your party decoration and celebration. Natural bird plumes are unique and attention-grabbing things that add differentiating beauty to your party celebration, be it of any type. Variety of bird plumes are used for party decoration that include Peacock, Ostrich, Pheasant and Rooster. You can use these natural and beautiful plumes to decorate any type of your party venue. Even, you can use them for theme wedding decoration. For your themed wedding, you can use these natural plumes to make wedding dresses, boutonniere, centerpieces, bouquets and jewelries. Wedding gowns and jewelries made and decorated from bird plumes add extra grace and beauty to bride’s personality. For grooms, you can use quills to make boutonniere, bracelet and wedding cufflink. Moreover, centerpieces made from natural quills make your party or wedding decoration more alluring. Besides this, you can make variety of bouquets for your party celebration, either solely from natural flowers or in combination with plumes.

Schuman Feathers offers variety of natural feathers in bulk to let you make party supplies in most ravishing manner. The list of feathers includes – Ostrich, Nagorie, Saddle, Hackle, Peacock, Cocktail and Pheasant. You will get supreme-quality quills in different sizes and color options from the site at a pocket-friendly price to make every single corner of your party celebration eye-feasting. Whether you are an individual or a vendor, you can buy feathers from Schuman Feathers to make alluring party planning supplies. You can also buy plumes at wholesale in different color combinations for your party decoration.

Author info: Steve Thomas is a freelance writer. His articles on topic like party supplies wholesale and feathers in bulk are published on various online platforms.

Residential Landscaping and Block Paving

Landscape pavers are available in several different materials to enhance the appearance of the deck, patio, or walkway. They offer an elegant and professional look that is certain to help with increasing the value of the home. The different styles of pavers come with their own positive and negative points. It is therefore crucial to carefully consider each of the options.

Here are four of the most popular styles of landscape pavers:


A standard and cost-effective option for landscaping the property includes brick. The man-made pavers are an easy option to install and a great material for the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer to use. Laying a new patio or walkway isn’t the most difficult home improvement project to take on. But it does still need a certain level of skill and competence. Brick pavers do need a lot more maintenance than other choices. Maintenance can involve regular sealing and cleaning.

Natural Stone

A popular option with landscape designers and architects is the natural stone (also called flagstone) pavers. These pavers come in a variety of natural materials and colors. Sandstone, limestone and shale offer the most favored options. They are often cut into rectangular or square shapes and relatively thin. The natural stones can also be cut into irregular shapes to create the more unique looking deck or patio area. A great feature of these stone is the high durability and ability to handle almost any climate conditions. Natural stones are likely to be one of the most expensive choices when it comes to laying a new walkway.


Concrete paving stone are priced similar to bricks. They are another man-made option and again need regular maintenance to make sure the concrete material stays sealed. An attractive quality of the concrete pavers is the ease in replacing the individual piece. This is helpful for replacing the single pavers that have started to fade or crack.

Stamped Concrete

The stamped concrete gives the option of including a texture or pattern to make the pavers seem like a more expensive material, such as flagstone or brick. Color is also included in the manufacturing process to help create the more unique finish. This is another type of paving material that needs regular attention to maintain the color and integrity of the concrete material.

All in all, by having the landscape pavers installed to a professional standard, it shouldn’t be difficult to improve the outside appearance of the home, while also helping to increase the market value of the property.

General Hydroponics- Why You Should Use Hydroponic For Your Garden

If you have been gardening for some time, you will realize that it is a pretty smoothing hobby to pick up. With the popularity of hydroponic gardening, more people are picking up gardening as a way to relax themselves. General DIY hydroponics kits are widely available and anyone can just get started with minimal preparation and experience.

Hydroponics is a positive form of gardening. Plants grown using such method are generally much healthier and abundant. This is because nutrient needed by the plants is provided on a control environment.

If you love to experiment with plant growth, then you would enjoy general hydroponic. Hydroponics allow you to experiment with various cultivation and nutrient solutions which will have a direct impact on plant growth and development. In fact, you can even control factors such as light, temperature, humidity and other physical factors if you choose to. The best thing is that all types of plants from fruits to herbs and vegetables are suitable to be grown using hydroponics.

DIY hydroponics is hassle free since there is no need for you to mess with soil and as a result it requires less maintenance. Concerns with pests and weeds is rare as there is no soil medium. For most hydroponics, you will require either a solution or medium culture. Solution culture means you only have to use a nutrient solution for plants while a medium culture requires you to provide a solid medium such perlite or gravel for plants.

With this method, you do not have to worry about space constrains. If you need, you can even create an indoor hydroponics garden. Not many gardening methods allow you to cultivate plants with this much less hassle and maintenance.

General hydroponics is an ecologically friendly gardening choice since you use much less water than traditional methods. You do not have to add chemicals to fertilize the soil and the nutrients you add to the mixtures is re-circulated and used by the plants roots, which reduces environmental waste and helps you save money.

In fact, plants grown in such manner are more pest resistant. With the popularity of organic crop cultivation, general hydroponics has become very popular. Organic gardening believes in growing plants without any use of chemicals. With the many organic nutrients developed for hydroponic gardens, it is pretty easy to combine hydroponics with organic gardening.

If you have been looking for ways to grow plants that are of better quality and healthier, look no further than general hydroponics which you can do-it-yourself easily.