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The Untold Millionaire Secret Do You Know Why Most Millionaire Wake Up Early

Do you know why most millionaire wake up early in the morning? Do you even know that wake up early in one of the most important factor in your life? Why is it not discussed more often anywhere else?

Wake up early in the morning gives you the following benefits:
80% of people who live longer than 75 years old is the person who wake up early.
Wake up early is helpful in training your determination and confidence. Both quality is important for a successful person.
Wake up early will energize sensitivity, creativity and stability of a person.
Your efficiency and productivity in the early morning is 3 times higher than day time.
Wake up early will bring create a sense of optimism in your life. You will start enjoying changes of nature in a special way.

The System of Wake Up Early.

In order to accomplish the task of waking up early, you need to start your plan as soon as you could. Do not bother about what time you go to bed, but you need to set a clear goal of when you want to wake up the next morning. Treat this as the most important challenge you ever have in your life.

It is definitely not that easy to wake up from your sweet dream in the early morning. Is it possible to be accomplished? There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on whether you are willing to challenge yourself and take a positive step to enjoy early morning dawn.

You need to get rid of early morning sluggishness and laziness and jump out from your bed when you get the first signal of alertness. Do not procrastinate and lying on the bed any further.

What do you do when you wake up early in the morning? It is important to know what to do in the early morning. You should get out from your house and do some light exercise while waiting to enjoy sunrise. Enjoy the early morning dawn and feel your senses connection to the nature. You will be amaze to suddenly realize the beauty of nature in the fresh morning dawn.

During the light exercise, get your notepad ready and write down any thought that comes along. It happens in a split seconds and you need to write down immediately when your fresh idea emerges. You will notice the usefulness of your small notepad helping you in new idea as well as your planning toward success.

This simple but immensely satisfying act will lift your spirits and help with self improvement. If you pay close attention to the millionaire around the world, you will notice that most of them carry notepad instead of iPhone.

You should never engage in heavy exercise in the precious moment of morning dawn. It is a time to enjoy the nature and let your idea and creativity nourish. It will be foolish and wasteful if you do so. The heavy exercise will disturb your neurological system to focus on physical energy instead of your mental energy.

You will love to breathe in the cool freshness of the dawn air. It is unspoiled by smoke from traffic and moving vehicles. You will soon find your favorite spot and watch the purplish sky slowly break into bright magnificent light as the warm smoldering sun silently rises in the horizon. You will sigh and smile contentedly to yourself. Its going to be another wonderful day!

Get Traffic Through Social Media Top Tips

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These super tips come to us the way of Neil Patel from Quicksprout, check out his website, very informative stuff. Anyway , here is how to get more traffic through social media.

Tactic #1

Add Tweetable Quotes Throughout Your Blog Post By adding a -tweet this- button in your post, you will get a lot more exposure for your post. This can be done by some simple HTML code, you can use the following: tweet Put it at the end of your post and make it easy for people to share your post.

Tactic #2

Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is a great source of traffic for your website. For every 5000 members you have you will roughly get 15 000 visitors, you can scale this up or down, but you get the idea. Create a group in your niche and build your group steadily. It takes time, but once you have a nice group together, you will reap the rewards. Once a month you can use the -announcement- feature on LinkedIn to let your whole group of your latest blog post, only use this feature once a month or with a really good post, but use sparcely. The group members will share this on their social media profiles and this will give you a nice spike in traffic, every group member should give your website about three visitors if you put out good quality content. Put the word -leader- in your group name to make it sound important, invite all your friends to your group and put out very high quality content. Do this and your group will grow at a nice pace. If you have some spare cash, you can even buy whole groups on LinkedIn!

Tactic #3

Repost Infographics With Stats.

Find cool infographics around the web in your niche, and repost them on your blog. Add some interesting content above the infographic and make all the stats tweetable. You then tweet it to your Twitter account and you should get some retweets and favorites, which will translate into traffic.

Tactic #4

Tweet For An E-book

Whether you are releasing a blog post or an e-book , you can make people -pay- for it by letting them tweet the link before they can read it. You can use a service called -pay with a tweet- . Create a short report or piece of content and instead asking for an opt-in you ask people to tweet it before they can read it. It is a very good trade off, and you will find that people don’t mind tweeting your business in exchange for something of quality.

Tactic #5

Leverage Influencers.

Every niche has their experts, by interviewing them you can gain a huge amount of traffic. Interview them on a specific topic, and then post it in a blog. Here is what you need to do:

1. Make a list of about a 100 influencers in your niche, not all of them will agree, but you only need about half to agree on an interview.

2. Come up with a question to ask these experts, every expert should get the same question.

3. E-mail 10 experts and ask them if they are interested in a group round up, give them a deadline to mail you their answer and inform them that you will place a link to their websites.

4. After you have a few experts, you can mail the rest. By naming the ones that are already on board, you will have some credibility and more than likely more of the others will agree to take part in your interview.

5. Once you have published the post, mail it to all the participants and ask them to share it on their social media profiles.

6. Buy $100 in StumbleUpon,Twitter or Facebook Ads. This will help you generate traffic to your post and cause people to click through to the experts’ sites. Your website will show up as a -referrer- in their analytics, which will encourage your experts to share your content on the social web further.

This isn’t rocket science, it just takes some work, but if you want free traffic you need to put in the hours. These tips will no doubt see you get more traffic, so get stuck in the rewards will follow!

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New York Interior Design Programs

There are many New York interior design programs available for
the aspiring design student. If the individual wishes to be on campus
then one school that offers an Associates Degree in Interior Design is
Berkeley College, which is located in midtown Manhattan.

College is a top New York interior design school that provides a real
world education that interior design professionals demand. The class
sizes are small and students get hands on training. Students receive
free lifetime career assistance as well. Internships are offered and
there is a large network of employer connections through the school.

New York interior design school campuses of Berkeley College are
located in White Plains. Berkeley is a recognized leader in preparing
students for their professional careers in interior design, 96% of
graduates secure jobs in their areas.

Other schools in the New
York interior design program offer online training. One of those schools
is Westwood College where you can obtain a Bachelors Degree in Interior
Design. An online program is designed for the student who feels that
they just do not have the time to attend classes for whatever reason but
still have the desire to obtain a well-respected degree in interior

Another New York interior design school that offers an
online degree is The Art Institute Online where the student can achieve a
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. This school is a division of
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Whether you attend a New York interior design school
in person or online you will be prepared to enter the exciting and
creative world of Interior Design with the knowledge to succeed. Before
an Interior Designer receives his or her license, they must meet some
very strict guidelines. The Designer must have a combination of six
years of school and work experience before taking the licensing exam.
Once the Interior Designer has completed the six-year requirement, they
must pass a test administered by the National Council for Interior
Design Qualification.

Interior Designers wishing to do commercial
design work must have a bachelor’s degree in interior design from an
accredited school. All Interior Design students including New York
interior design students will learn how to use computer aided design
(CAD) software. Securing an internship free is a good way to get
practical knowledge and experience. Internships can often lead to full
time positions.

New York interior design students must learn other
skills besides design to be successful professionals. Artistically
inclined is a good skill to have along with strong people skills. It is
recommended that New York interior designers take some business courses
as well since many Designers are self-employed. Interior Design is an
ever-changing profession and today’s designer must stay up to date with
all the trends.

Give Your Home Office Some Style With Nantucket Decorating

Nantucket decorating is a charming and comfortable approach that
will lend style and interest to your home office. This is an interior
design that draws its good looks from seashells and ocean themed items
as well as shades of yellow and blue. Below are various ideas on
attaining the style of the seaside in your home office with Nantucket

Every good home office needs adequate lighting, not only on
the desk to illuminate what you are working on but also overhead for
general lighting and on side tables, filing cabinets or credenzas to
give it a more home feel. For this tyle, lighting fixtures should be a
reflection of the ocean – one great look is to get a clear glass lamp
and fill it with shells. You might also consider a lighted ceiling fan
that has large wicker paddles for a breezy summer feel.

with office staples and accents in your home office ought to help round
out the decorating style. For decorating with accessories, an upscale
look is most suitable. Include accessories that exude your own personal
style to the room for a different application that is all your own.
Sprinkle some shells around the room, on window sills or the desk to
bring the Nantucket feel inside.

Window treatments are key to any design and for this
look you could go with sheers to keep the room light and breezy. If you
want a more private look, try plantation shutters in light wood or
painted white.

Buying an interesting desk and chairs should help
enhance your room interior decorating scheme. Traditionally, pine items
match terrific with this design style. For the most part, Nantucket
decorating is better paired with nautical style furniture.

area a good number of us don’t consider when redesigning or redecorating
is the floor, and you should try to be certain to take your Nantucket
decorating the floor by adding most suitable wall to wall carpet or a
large area rug if you have wood flooring. Remember that your floor
decor is a big part of your design approach, so be sure to consider
something that coordinates with both the colors together with the room
design. Take a look at decorating with organic or short pile rugs in
beige tones which pull in the other colors in the room design.

how Nantucket decorating can transform your home office? Getting a
little style in your home office can make it a more fun place to work as
well as integrate it with the rest of the home.

Hospitality Program Teaches Students The Ins And Outs Of The Kitchen

Did you know that by attending the hospitality program at Centennial College called Hospitality Operations Kitchen Management, graduates go on to be employed by reputable and varied companies such as: Swiss Chalet, Milestones, Red Lobster, Jack Astor’s, The Keg, Canyon Creek and many others? That’s because the Kitchen Management courses within this undertaking focus on offering students a range of skill sets through hands-on experience in an on-campus student training restaurant,
business practices in accounting, human resources, and supervision.

To apply for this hospitality program’s Kitchen Management courses, students are required to have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Students must also have attended the compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment or equivalent. It should be noted that possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the hospitality program.

Once they are accepted, students spend two semesters working towards an Ontario College Certificate as well as the Smart Serve program and the National Sanitation Training certificates. This is achieved through Kitchen Management courses that include: Supervisory Practices for the Kitchen Manager (designed to give learners an opportunity to practice the skill set of a successful supervisor); Quantity Food Production (emphasis is placed on technique, terminology, creativity, correct use of equipment, recipe and measurement analysis, and safe handling and storage procedures); Introduction to Hospitality Accounting (learners obtain the abilities to apply basic cost control, basic revenue management, work with theoretical financial situations and increasing their understanding of accounting principles and concepts and the application of these principles and concepts related to the hospitality, Tourism and Culture industry); and more.

To round of these Kitchen Management courses, the hospitality program gives students the chance to apply what they have learned in the school’s on-campus living lab-restaurant called Horizons. The experience also serves are preparation for the hospitality program’s field placement. During this time, students work in approved jobs within the food service industry. Field placement enables learners to better understand the dynamics of the industry, increase their knowledge of industry practices and provides a competitive advantage of experience in the job market.

Once they complete the hospitality courses within this offering, students may stream into the second year of Centennial’s two-year Food and Beverage Management program to further their education. Alternatively, they are fully prepared to work as food operations managers who plan, organize and direct a varied staff of food service personnel in a many types of food service operations, including catering and banquet, restaurants or specialty snack food service. Among the specific responsibilities of those who have completed Kitchen Management courses are: planning work programs, staffing for cash food service, interviewing and hiring employees, training employees, reviewing inventory, requesting and purchasing food supplies, planning menus and price points, supervising operations, observing quality of service and other such daily tasks.

The Kitchenaid Stand Mixer A Kitchen Wonder

Every housekeeper and food chef is a demigod in their own right when it comes to whipping up sumptuous homemade meals. Not everyone, however, is blessed with all the time in the world and that is when the KitchenAid stand mixer comes in handy. It has been proven time and again as the perfect partner for preparing meals, but also a myriad of other useful kitchen tasks. In short, it makes anyone’s kitchen chores a lot easier and a lot less messy.

This Mixer Is An Indispensable Kitchen Appliance

These stand mixers are a steal with their innovative features, cool colors, and different attachments. It is hands-free, and allows for easy clean-up, making it an important kitchen buddy not only for chefs, but for every hands-on mom and dad. Their sizes range from a four quart to a seven quart model depending on the person’s needs. Aside from this, it also features a powerful motor wattage. To top it all off, it can do a wide array of tasks instead of just the usual dough mixing.

Some Uses of the KitchenAid Mixer

The KitchenAid stand mixer is a real powerhouse. It can knead bread, make ice cream, shape pasta, grind meat, and even become a fruit juicer and slicer. It is because of this that this kind of mixer commands a high price, which can range from $200-300. It is truly a multi-purpose appliance that can do a lot more than the usual hand mixer.

It Offers Durability and Style All In One

Long known as one of the pioneers in kitchen fixtures and appliances, a KitchenAid mixer is no doubt a favorite not only when it comes to style, but also in features. It also holds a track record of durability and can last for years as it is made of stainless steel.

The chic and modern designs of these mixers are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. One can even choose among persimmon, metallic chrome, and green apple aside from the usual white and black. This is because the manufacturers take into account the buyer’s personality when creating the color schemes. In fact, these mixers are known to be one of Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things.

With the KitchenAid stand mixer, anyone can create sumptuous dishes for the family. Certain models can even handle a large volume of ingredients for one’s bakery or pastry shop. Parents who have children who need to bake cookies for school fundraisers will certainly find this a huge help. For people on the go, it is sure to deliver great results anytime, and can save time in the kitchen.

How To Cope Up With Your Middle-age Loneliness

Possibly you are lonely because you are living in a nuclear family with your husband busy with his work and the children busy with their studies. Women of a joint family have too much of company, so their problem is usually that they want to be alone. But they can also be lonely while living in a large joint family.

These are people who love to be alone but when this “being alone” seems like a punishment and you yearn for company, then the aloneness has changed into loneliness, which can hurt. It hurts the most when there is the possibility that you can have company but you feel that the other person chooses not to be with you. Then this enforced aloneness makes you feel sorry for yourself as you feel unwanted.

This is mostly the case with women whose husbands remain very busy with their work. Women feel that such husbands have a choice and if they wanted they could spend time with them. This sort of loneliness seems more like a punishment because the emotional trauma is there that your husband does not love you.

If there are teenage children and they are not ready to give time to you, it can be very frustrating. The same child who could not live without you for a minute, now has a separate life of his/her own in which you do not figure at all. Of course, you will feel hurt because your own flesh and blood is not giving you the time and consideration which is a part of expressing love.

In joint families, you may have to do a lot of work. You may have to care for elders and look after a large family. If you feel that you are being exploited by your in-laws and your husband does not take your side, you are bound to feel all the more lonely because you feel forsaken by your own husband. This feeling of being neglected is thus the main reason for loneliness when a woman is staying in a family where there are other family members.

To beat this loneliness there are steps we can follow that will make the loneliness bearable.

1) The first thing is to be prepared for loneliness. If you are ready for it and accept it, loneliness becomes easier to bear. For this the romantic blinkers of the Mills and Boon type has to be removed and the mind should be made to accept that the husband will not stand with a rose for you and be chivalrous all the time.

He has to work and that obsession to get success and prosperity can be very time-consuming as the world has become very competitive. Once this acceptance is there, you will not blame your husband and he will not become fed up with you. On the other hand, your acceptance will make him understand your loneliness better.

2) Don’t expect anything from anyone, not even from your husband and children. They did not in any way take over the contract to keep you entertained, so you couldn’t be bored and lonely. They have their own lives to lead and they can give a modicum of company but you should not expect that their aim will be just to make your life free from the feeling of loneliness. When there is no expectation, there will be no disappointment.

3) Being self-sufficient is the main way you can remove loneliness. You should stop depending on others. You should be ready to fend for yourself. If you are complete in yourself and don’t need others you will not become like a creeper depending on the main tree, rather you will be capable of being a support to others to lean back on.

Self-sufficiency would make you complete in yourself. You would take responsibility for your own feelings whether they are of happiness or sorrow or loneliness. This self-sufficiency will help you to manage on your own and that will free you of the need for others. You need not stop loving. You need not stop expressing your feelings. All you need to do is that, whether you are alone or with someone, you should feel content and peaceful with yourself without blaming another person for what you feel or not feel.

4) You should think less and become a woman of action. What is the use of thinking and wounding yourself that, “Nobody loves me. Poor me, I am lonely.” Find the solution yourself there and then. Don’t think but get up and do something that you like. When there is no time for such useless thinking and you are fruitfully occupied, loneliness will have to be quite away from you.

5) So, what is important is that you develop your own hobbies which you love to do and see to it that your time is well spent and you are not lonely. Whether it is gardening, reading or any other activity which you relish even though it gives no profit, then it will also help you remove loneliness.

6) It would be better, of course, to do some work which lets you earn. The only requirement is that it uses the time you are free if you are not career-oriented and bent on building your life with ambition. Of course, nothing stops you from having a full-fledged career, if you are ready for that. Don’t look after the children yourself but, with a clear conscience, pass the responsibility to someone else.

7) Helping others in your free time will also help whether you just sit and talk to an old neighbour who has no one or visit a hospital to cheer people up. Seeing the condition of others can end self-pity and martyrdrom and so loneliness seems hardly a punishment but just empty space to fill up with fun and action. So, what you need to do is to keep busy.

8) It is important to be positive and not negative in attitude. Translated into action it means that you should see the bright side of things and hope and have faith that the things you are deprived of will come to you soon. Hope and faith can pull you through the worst conditions.

9) Be kind and think of how tried your son is after his tuitions and how weary your husband is after his work.

10) What is essential is that you stop thinking as being a martyr. You feel that you are blessed by the circumstances and life. At least, you have a husband. At least, you have a child.

It is worse for those who live all alone without a family. But then one has to manage. Such people should stop thinking of limits.

You should feel that the world is your family. This may be difficult but when you include others within the purview of mind, you will always be with the feeling that you have company. It will also keep you busy and so loneliness will be pushed away.

Thus loneliness is a state of mind that you should take up as youe own duty to manage and not wait for others to help you out. It is all a matter of mindset and you can make your will-power dictate to your mind and heart to do something when you feel lonely so that you don’t slip into self-pity.

Then, loneliness will not be a punishment at all.

Home Improvement – Kitchen Cabinets and Home Office Cabinets – Should They Match

If you are considering a home improvement project, and you are
considering upgrading all the cabinets in your house, then you might
want to consider making sure that they match. In other words, the house
goes together. It’s amazing how many people will have a whole different
look in the kitchen than the rest of the house, there needs to be at
least some cohesive motif.

If you ask a realtor they will tell you
that even if you have a home office it’s nice if the cabinetry is of
similar design as that in the kitchen, and perhaps even a similar color.
Despite what you might think a home office modification in a home is
not considered a detraction, or a liability when selling a home. It is a
serious upgrade and will help on the price when you go to sell your

This is because more and more people these days have home offices.

people would say that it is silly to make sure that your cabinetry in
your home is similar throughout the house, they might believe that the
kitchen is its own separate entity and does not have to look anything
like the rest of the house. This is actually incorrect, and it’s the
wrong kind of thinking.

Normally, it won’t cost you much more to set up
cabinets which are similar to the kitchen in your office. Now, you don’t
have to necessarily put cabinets in your office. You could go down and
buy some of that furniture at the office door, and put it around the
office. A number of people choose to go that route.

Still, there’s
something about a permanent set of cabinetry in a home office that
makes it look serious. And this is a serious selling point when you go
to sell your house. So, if you ask me, should they match? My answer is
yes! Yes they should. Please consider all this.

Aqua Step Laminate Flooring

Aqua Step laminate flooring is the innovative flooring product that offers a 100% waterproof guarantee. Aquastep have developed this great product to appeal to bathroom and kitchen floors, which are susceptible to water leaks and spillages, which puts Aqua Step as a cut amongst the rest in regards to the laminate flooring market.
Aqua-Step, with its complete range of 100% water-resistant flooring, provides you years of comfort and a worry-free future. Aqua-Step is perfectly resistant against floods, moisture or condensation. It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, hallways, cellars, … Aqua-Step is made of high quality synthetic resins. It contains no wood components. Aqua-Step has 0% swelling in all atmospheric circumstances. Aqua-Step is also recommended for project applications such as fitness rooms, restaurants, shops, … as it meets all necessary technical specifications.
Aqua-Step can be cleaned with water and soap which results in an extremely hygienic floor. The floor stays bacteria free and is completely mould resistant (ideal for allergy sufferers). The high density surface coating and the perfect waterproof seams prevent dirt from penetrating the floor.
Aqua-Step is 30% more sound absorbing than traditional wood laminate. Moreover, Aqua-Step adapts itself to the surrounding temperature in an exceptional manner which makes it feel comfortably warm and cosy.
Inspired by nature, Aqua-Step waterproof flooring specialists transferred the honeycomb structure to a completely new flooring concept: a hollow floor structure that absorbs sound, conducts floorheating and outperforms on product strength. The core of the board is made of a high quality synthetic resin in combination with a honeycomb structure and results in an IC3 strength classification, the highest rating in its category. It withstands heavy loads and falling of objects.
The wear-resistance of AC4 is guaranteed by the wear resistant surface in combination with the hard core. The flooring is suitable for heavy domestic use and general commercial use like fitness and wellness centra, restaurants, shops, offices…
Aqua-Step fits quickly and easily thanks to a special co-extruded joint in combination with the integrated world famous patented Uniclic locking system, the best in its category. The result is a floor with perfect waterproof seams. This very flexible installation system even allows you to re-install your floor several times.
With Aqua-Step you can cover large surfaces up to 900 m2 (30 m x 30 m), without the use of intermediate expansion profiles. From bathroom to sleeping room, from kitchen to living room… resulting in an aesthetical enhancement and enlarging your room optically. Thanks to this easy and fast installation no extra accessories are required.
So Aqua-Step really is the best choice for flooring as it is 100% waterproof, easy to lay, extra strong, sound absorbing, easily cleaned and extremely hard wearing.

Home Furnishing

Furniture is an essential part of every residential as well as commercial building. There are various kinds of furniture available for different parts of a home. It is not so easy to choose right kind of furniture for your home which not only provides you and your loved ones desired comfort but also contribute to beautify your interiors. Here we will discuss about the different parts the home and what can be the right furniture for that space.
Living room furniture
Living room is the place where you entertain your guests, watch television with your friends and family and do other activities together. It is the place where you get to spend time together. Your living room furniture should be comfortable, spacious and most importantly stylish because this is the place where your guests get the first impression of your house and enjoy your hospitality.
Living room furniture sofa, table, sectional sofa, convertible sofa, arm chairs, lounge chairs, wall unit for entertainment systems etc. are some common living room furniture. Leather sofa is in much demand now days in modern living room furniture. Furniture you choose for your living room should be stylish, modern as well as spacious and comfortable and also suits your interior dcor.
Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom furniture not only includes designer beds but also wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing mirrors, night stands etc. you can choose various types of designer beds according to your needs and space you have. You can opt for bunk beds if you dont have much space in your bedroom. Various home furniture suppliers in Delhi provide a range of stylish, comfortable and spacious beds.
Modular Kitchen
Modular kitchen is a relatively new term, it describes custom made kitchens. Modular kitchen can also be termed as ready-made kitchens because you can buy and install all readymade modular kitchen furniture like drawers, racks, modular kitchen cabinets, shelves etc. Modular kitchen manufacturers provide a range of modular kitchen furniture according to the need of your kitchen. Modular kitchen furniture is easy to install and comes handy at the time of home shifting.
So these are the main types of furniture used in homes. Office furniture manufacturer provide designer and comfortable office furniture as well as home furniture at affordable prices. However, you should first thoroughly check the furniture market and current trends before buying office furniture Delhi or home furniture. In this way you can get the best deal available.

Bedroom furniture not only includes designer beds but also wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing mirrors, night stands etc. you can choose various types of designer beds according to your needs and space you have. You can opt for bunk beds if you dont have much space in your bedroom. Various home furniture suppliers in Delhi provide a range of stylish, comfortable and spacious beds.
Modular Kitchen
Modular kitchen is a relatively new term, it describes custom made kitchens. Modular kitchen can also be termed as ready-made kitchens because you can buy and install all readymade modular kitchen furniture like drawers, racks, modular kitchen cabinets, shelves etc. Modular kitchen manufacturers provide a range of modular kitchen furniture according to the need of your kitchen. Modular kitchen furniture is easy to install and comes handy at the time of home shifting.
So these are the main types of furniture used in homes. Office furniture manufacturer provide designer and comfortable office furniture as well as home furniture at affordable prices. However, you should first thoroughly check the furniture market and current trends before buying office furniture Delhi or home furniture. In this way you can get the best deal available.